Tuesday Haikusday: The Lap

Today, I’ve been inspired by momFOD’s lap. Here I am all curled up, three paws to stump. Join me as I wax poetic about its comforts. Eh hem…

Three paws to stump style

Three-paws-to-stump style

Soft, warm, and comfy

I sit here, purring for you.

But really, for me.


Biscuits, biscuits, bread

I push and shove and poke you

Kneading my heart out.


I sit down for sleep

Just as you are getting up.

Sit back down, lounger.

Tell me your poem! Do you like laps? Do you prefer them soft or lean? Warm or cool? What’s your preference? Share with me.



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Tuesday Haikusday

Meditating in the garden, writing my haiku.

Meditating in the garden, writing my haiku.

Today’s topic: The Great Shed. It’s happening right now in my house. My FODs are complaining about it, and so, I wax poetic about their sorrows.


Spring is upon us.

My hair migrates far away

All over the house.


Your ice cream tastes sweet.

You feel something on your tongue.

Yes, it’s my fur. Yes.


I lick myself clean.

But now I must purge the waste.

Good luck finding it.


How do you handle The Great Shed in your house? Do you shed proud and free, or do you hide it in the closet? Do you have a haiku about it? Share with me.

Love,  Crepes.