Tuesday Haikusday: The Teeth

You may have all noticed my absence last week. Well, my absence was due to Doodle’s abscess. You see, despite MomFOD’s frequent brushings, Doodle (our dog) somehow managed to get dental disease. Sadly, she had to have many teeth pulled and it happened on Tuesday Haikusday and there was much fuss over the dog. Anyway, she’s better now, but she has inspired me to wax poetic about teeth.

Eh hem…


Crepes Haiku Zen Cat

Glistening white, sharp

Used to eat and to wake you

When it’s time to eat.


Chewing, Brushing, Care

Is needed to keep them clean.

You must brush the teeth.


Unhealthy teeth cause

heart disease and other pain.

Do not ignore teeth.

Alana here for a moment. For many years, I brushed Doodle’s teeth. I wiped them clean, I used a toothbrush and doggie toothpaste. I even fed her a raw diet. And yet, still, I noticed one wiggly tooth that started receding. The doctor and I watched it for four months and still it wouldn’t fall out, so we scheduled a cleaning and extraction. It turns out she had six teeth that needed pulling. And now she seems in improved mood, she’s not licking her lips all the time, and her breath smells lovely and fresh.

If your buddies suddenly have bad breath or you notice any loose teeth, you should not ignore it. While dentals can be expensive, in the long run, they can save your friend’s life. Infected teeth can lead to heart disease and other life-threatening infections. If you don’t already brush, start doing it! It is really more important than you might have ever thought.


Crepes and Alana.

Tuesday Haikusday: Kitten Season


It was requested that I discuss Kitten Season this week. And so I shall, in preparation of the coming births, mouths to feed, and opportunities to foster. Let’s get to it. Eh hem….

zen garden rock crepes 2016


Kittens will be born,

thousands of them waiting for

a permanent home.


Did you spay/neuter?

It’s the only solution.

Cats can’t fix themselves.


Spring: season of love

and overpopulation.

Foster if you can.


Crepes, a product of Kitten season 2011.

PS. What do you want to hear about next week?

Tuesday Haikusday: Black Cats

I figure I’ll keep the black cat theme going this week. Eh hem…

Wherever I go, there you are.

This fellow is adoptable from Tree House. Ask for Lead Belly. Photo by the excellent John Boehm.

 Black cats are colored

like sleek ninjas of the night.

Footsteps in the dark.


Hunting, eating, sleep.

They cannot be seen at all.

Mission accomplished.


Dressing up nicely?

Black’s for any occasion.

You will wear their fur.

MAN I made them sound SO cool. Here’s what I’d look like if I were a black cat:

if crepes were blackAnd in case you missed yesterday’s video, we have reenacted one man’s story: I peed on my cat.

Has this ever happened to you? Because I had to play the cat that got peed on and man, that was the toughest role I’ve ever had to take on. It took all my strength as an actor not to laugh during that scene. Anyway, here it is.