Bachelorette of the Week: Rosalee – ADOPTED!

Updated: 5/31/16  Rosalee has found a lovely home with a nice family who is ready to augment her green ball collection!

Today, world, we have Rosalee, a distinctly single little lady that happens to look like a certain lady I know that lives with our friend Glogirly. 

Rosalee, masked woman of many hobbies.

Rosalee, masked woman of many hobbies.

You know what I heard about Ms. Rosalee? That she’s soft. Real soft. Like, have you ever petted a sheep who has been rolled in cotton and laid out an air-cushion bed? Rosalee is even softer than that. I mean, I would sleep on her, know what I mean? She also has lotsof hobbies. Let me check my list…. ah yes. She chirps, meows, plays with a mouse, collects green balls, chases snake wands, and has a passion for cardboard scratchers. Oh, also, she’s not really big into other cats, so she’s looking to be your one and only. I think that’s pretty much her only special need. She just wants to be your only special. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.

If you want to meet Rosalee, you can contact Feral Fixers in Chicago, IL. Visit her here at her Petfinder page. She would love to meet you!

Rosalee showcasing her green ball collection. It's currently at a number of 1. Perhaps you can help her grow it?

Rosalee showcasing her green ball collection. It’s currently at a number of 1. Perhaps you can help her grow it?

Perfecting her downward scratch. Ahhh.

Perfecting her downward scratch. Ahhh.





Bachelor of the Week: Leo!


World, meet Leo, a loveable, huggable, soft, fabulous kitty who has discerning taste in food. Well, let me be more clear: Leo has to eat a special diet, otherwise he gets urinary blockages. Everyone has food sensitivities these days and, as far as special needs go, that’s it! Easy peasy, right? (Assuming he stays on his diet, otherwise it’s difficult peasy, you know what I mean?)

Leo has quite the story, too. He originally came from a pet store where he was brought into a home where the other animals picked on him. His owner then brought him to work where he made his home until the shop closed down. He then went to another person’s house who wasn’t able to keep up with his special diet, so he went to another home. Unfortunately, that person also didn’t keep up with his needs and, through all this, Leo has ended up at the ER several times and, possibly due to his earlier experiences,  doesn’t get on well with other cats. He doesn’t have much experience with dogs, though, so with some patience he may be able to get on well with one.

What Leo needs is a long-term, stable home with a chef that’s willing to meet his culinary requirements. As long as he stays on his diet, he always pees inside the box, but if, at some time he steps outside the box, his guardian will need to take him to the doctor to minimize his discomfort.

If you think you can meet Leo’s needs (we already know he can meet yours because he’s just that great), you can apply to meet him via his profile. He’s currently being fostered privately in Illinois by a friend of mine that I met through Feral Fixers and Cat Guardians. So, get over there and have a look. Don’t let this little guy get away!


Come zerbert my tummy. You know you want to.

I will be your pillow, you will be my chef.

No seriously, what's in that food? This is VERY important!

No seriously, what’s in that food? This is VERY important!


Come zerbert my tummy. You know you want to.




Confession Friday: I LOVE MY CAT!

love-my-catOk, it’s not MY confession. It’s my mom FOD’s confession. She loves me, and her three other cats, because, well, I’ll let her say it:

“My cats are amazing creatures. Two of them have been with me for 13 years. Each one has a strong personality, a favorite place to hide, and unique ways they want to be held and snuggled. I understand their speech, can tell them apart by their meows, and identify how they’re feeling by how they look and sound. And, they can do the same for me. I also have a dog that I love tremendously, and I don’t find that my cats are any less loving or attention seeking than she is. They just do it in different ways. Cats are amazing! And I love my cat(s)!” – Alana.

mom FOD, Niles, and Rapunzel the rat in 2002

mom FOD, Niles, and Rapunzel the rat in 2002

Rocky and Niles Snuggling

Rocky and Niles Snuggling

Mrs Peabody, Kitten, with Gargoyle

Mrs Peabody as a kitten, with Gargoyle

Mrs Peabody, Adult, hugging (or strangling?) dog

Mrs Peabody as an adult, hugging (or strangling?) the dog