I’ve Been Adopted by Petfinder.com!

I said I had some exciting news, and I do! I’ve been chosen as one of Petfinder.com’s Adopted Bloggers. They’re giving us a little stipend ($200) to help cover our expenses at BlogPaws, taking us out for a delicious lunch, and posting us up on their website as one of their chosen ten!

Their judging criteria was as follows:

  • Passion for Animal Welfare and Pets (as demonstrated by their survey responses, blog and social activity) – 40%
  • Professionalism and Development Desired – 30%
  • Audience Engagement and Reach – 20%
  • Overall Quality of Survey Responses – 10%

So, a big thank you to all my readers and supporters. I couldn’t have done it without you and your wonderful comments, submissions, ideas, and responses. We’re leaving tomorrow for BlogPaws, and I can’t wait to share with you everything I’ve learned and discovered.

And, if you haven’t thought about it today, please consider adopting a special needs pet. We special needs animals win awards and stuff because we are just that amazing. I lost my leg, but I gained a voice!

I leave you with a photo of the fabulous little hand-crafted bell my gram FOD brought us as a gift from Capri, Italy. She conducts tours there twice a year and just returned with this fabulous little trinket.

I shall call him Rudolfo.

I shall call him Rudolfo.





Confession Friday: I LOVE MY CAT!

love-my-catOk, it’s not MY confession. It’s my mom FOD’s confession. She loves me, and her three other cats, because, well, I’ll let her say it:

“My cats are amazing creatures. Two of them have been with me for 13 years. Each one has a strong personality, a favorite place to hide, and unique ways they want to be held and snuggled. I understand their speech, can tell them apart by their meows, and identify how they’re feeling by how they look and sound. And, they can do the same for me. I also have a dog that I love tremendously, and I don’t find that my cats are any less loving or attention seeking than she is. They just do it in different ways. Cats are amazing! And I love my cat(s)!” – Alana.

mom FOD, Niles, and Rapunzel the rat in 2002

mom FOD, Niles, and Rapunzel the rat in 2002

Rocky and Niles Snuggling

Rocky and Niles Snuggling

Mrs Peabody, Kitten, with Gargoyle

Mrs Peabody as a kitten, with Gargoyle

Mrs Peabody, Adult, hugging (or strangling?) dog

Mrs Peabody as an adult, hugging (or strangling?) the dog