OTRB Scooter, Our Bachelor of the Week :(

Sad news, everyone.


I’ve been notified that, just yesterday, our lovely bachelor Scooter went over the rainbow bridge. The dear little fellow suffered a clot and passed away peacefully surrounded by Tabby’s Place staff. We’ve never lost a bachelor before and we’re really sad. Scooter never found his forever home, but he was well cared for and loved at Tabby’s Place and we know that their good work will help many, many other cats find homes of their own.

I keep a tiny account of money I make for my blog writing and I use it for things just like this. I’ve decided to make a little donation of $25 in memory of Scooter to make sure that more kitties find their homes. I hope you’ll consider joining me in doing the same to help support the work Tabby’s Place is doing. Any amount will help. To donate in memory of Scooter, you can go here.   To donate any other amount, visit here. 

Run free, Scooter, and be happy.