Revitamal #AntiAgingPets Review and Giveaway!

You guys!


The clock turner-backer

I was given the opportunity to test out a product called Revitamal, an anti-aging serum that is supposed to restore function, comfort, energy, and vitality to your pets of all kinds, excluding fish (my apologies to Frances, our pet betta. You’ll have to age like everyone else.)

I was all set to test out the product, but MomFOD took it away from me when I bought kitten formula and put on a bib. Apparently, she thinks I’m too young to try to turn back the clock. However, she did decide to test it out on Rocky, my eldest (and most annoying) brother. Let’s chat with him and see what he had to say about it!

Rocky, certified Revitamal user.

Rocky, certified Revitamal user.

Crepes: Rocky, tell us about yourself.

Rocky: I’m 15, and I like to pee on things.

Crepes: You sure do. I hear that you haven’t been feeling well lately.

Rocky: That’s true. A lot of that is because you keep hitting me when I’m not looking.

Crepes: And the rest of it?

Rocky: Well, I have arthritis in my hips. I also have some things growing around my tummy that are slowing me down a bit.

Crepes: You began using Revitamal on June 3rd. What are your results since then?

Rocky: Since June 3rd, I’ve been sitting down faster because my hips seem to hurt less.

Crepes: What else?

Rocky: For the first time in many, many months, I chased a butterfly. I hit that little SOB with my paws and leapt off the table into the tomato bushes in an attempt on his life.

Crepes: Was the attempt successful?

Rocky: No. Mom stopped me.

Crepes: She ruins all the fun. Anything else?

Rocky: Yes. Within a week, I attempted a four-foot leap from the couch to the table and landed smoothly. I have also been jumping from heights that I haven’t attempted in quite some time, like the top of the piano. And I grumble less when Mom picks me up. Also, they shaved my tummy in January and it didn’t grow back. In the last three weeks, the hair has finally started to fill in! I look less naked now.

Niles: It’s me Niles! I also tried the Revitamal!

Niles, also a user of the product.

Niles, also a user of the product.

Crepes: What? You, too?

Niles: Correct. I’m 14 and in great health, but when Mom saw the results in Rocky, she put me on it, too!

Crepes: And?

Niles: I’ve been napping less. I seem a little more alert, and I’ve been playing a bit more. I heard she even put Doodle on it.

Crepes: What?! This is outrageous. I want to be young, too!

MomFOD: Crepes, you’re three. Stop complaining. Alana here. We have tried out the Revitamal product for three weeks. Thus far, we have seen positive results, and I feel like it’s something I’d like to keep up with, especially for Rocky and Niles. The bottle is presently a little small, so keeping up with ALL the pets might end up being a bit expensive, but we’re hoping they’ll come up with a larger size soon. After getting the OK from our vet,  I mixed the Revitamal (which smells and feels a bit like a high-grade olive oil) into everyone’s daily food, about 1 mL per pet per day, with a little more for Doodle since she’s a bit larger than the cats. They don’t seem to mind it mixed in to the food, although the product tastes a bit peppery on its own (Yes, I tasted it.) Crepes, please give them the details about the product!

Crepes: Eh hem. Revitamal –

  • works by removing toxins and supporting healthy cellular maintenance and works alongside prescription medications
  • is 100% made in the USA, even the glass bottle.
  • is made with no animal by-products to human food grade standards.

The Giveaway

We are giving away one (1) bottle of Revitamal to one (1) lucky reader! The retail value is $34.95 and the giveaway is open to US residents only over the age of 18. You can enter if you’re from far away and donate your winning to a friend or rescue! Entries will be accepted from now until July 1st. Winner announced July 2nd, 2014!



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For more information on Revitamal:

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**FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Revitamal and the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network. All opinions are our own and we thoroughly researched the product before agreeing to the program. We at would never show you a product we ourselves wouldn’t use and don’t believe in.**


Exile Day 8: Checks Mix and My Birthday

The days crawl on. It was my birthday June 1st. I spent it in exile. Really, my birthday could be any day this month, but June 1 is what it says on my official Crepes trading card, which is pretty much like law. I was treated to some extra pets and some gruel. I am now three years old.

I also spent some time playing what I like to call “Checks Mix.” Have a look:

Playing a game of Checks Mix.

Playing a game of Checks Mix.

I found within my exile room a dusty old chess board that was crafted by grandFOD many years ago. Within the drawers were chess pieces and what appeared to be poker chips being used as checkers. In general, I prefer nacho chips, but being in exile, one can’t be too picky. Unfortunately, there were no instructions. I don’t know how to play chess. I don’t know how to play checkers, either. And so, I made up my own combination of what I thought was best, hence “Checks Mix.”

I played a few solitary games, but I kept guessing my moves and losing/winning at the same time, which was getting awfully confusing, so I enlisted Niles’ help to play with me. That didn’t go so well. He kept disputing my moves, which is kind of ridiculous, seeing as I made up the rules, but whatever.

Things nearly got physical when Niles disputed my A to forefeather redundant spin maneuver with the Queen.

Things nearly got physical when Niles disputed my patented A to forefeather redundant spin maneuver with the Queen.

Anyway, we spent an hour or two messing with the pieces, then Peabody batted them all onto the ground. She was rolling around so furiously that I naturally assumed it was the apocalypse so I got scared and flattened myself under the bed and fell asleep on the envelope again. Niles faded into a corner somewhere.

Someday soon, I hope to return to my home. Until then, I explore my surroundings further and will report to you all my findings.



PS. My studying of the encyclopedia last Friday of volume F-G tells me that geraniums are a genus that includes over 420 species of flowering plants that are commonly known as “cranesbills.” Fascinating.

Confession Friday: I Wish I Was #Magicats

It’s true. Magic cats do exist, and they exist in the form of black cats. I’ve been going on about black cats for three days now because I want a world that has equality amongst all colors of cats. Black cats, especially in October, are maligned as evil and part of witchcraft, and it’s just not true! They are, however, magical, because how else could you get a photo like this:

The Magic Eyes of a Black Cat

The Magic Eyes of a Black Cat

That’s not even photoshopped! That’s how cool my brother Niles looks when he’s in front of a black background!

I’m writing this post today to invite people to join me in my quest to get #magicats to trend on Twitter and Facebook. I want to see everyone, this month especially, leave notes and photos about how awesome their black cats are. (I’m @refrigeratorcat) Let’s get this out there and start changing black cats into the cats everyone wants to adopt!


Creeps (And Niles)

Umm.. obviously magic is happening here. How else can this possibly occur?!

Umm.. obviously magic is happening here. How else can this possibly occur?!