How to Build Space-Saving Ikea Cat Steps

You guys!

Do you remember when we were in Exile because of the Great Flood in the house? Well, during that time, our tree got damaged and DadFOD threw it out. We had nothing to climb. Nada.

Supervising the build.

Me supervising the build and threatening poor craftsmanship with scissors.

Cats really must have something to climb, and it’s better for their comfort to have a high place on which to perch and survey the environment. So, MomFOD got the bright idea to look up how to turn Ikea stuff into cool cat stuff and now we have CAT STEPS! I helped. Here’s how it’s done:

1) Map out the space on which you will install your steps. We chose an empty wall between two windows. We had other options but this one was near the couch in case any of us wanted to bail out of a shelf quickly due to a disagreement. Ideally, with more wall space, we would have two extra shelves to make alternate exit routes.

2) Find an Ikea store. We bought 10 sets of EKBY BJARNUM brackets ($10 a set) and four EKBY JARPEN shelves ($15 each.)We also went into the rugs department and chose some $5 floor mats to cut up and attach to the shelves.

3) Cut the shelves into your desired sizes. The shelves are just short of 4 feet each, so we were able to cut out four 1-foot (ish) sections and six 2-foot sections. We used the short shelves for steps and the longer pieces for high lounging areas.

dad saws cat steps

GrandFOD was enlisted to help with cutting and installation. He’s badass with a saw.

4) Attach your shelves to the wall. Make sure that whatever you use to mount them to the wall are rated to hold enough weight for two or even three cats at a time. If you don’t have studs in the walls, you’ll need to use anchors to hold them into the drywall. Consult your local hardware store.Tell them Crepes sent you.

5) Create traction control. The Jarpen shelves are slick, so we used heavy duty velcro to attach floor mats to each of the surfaces for maximum jumping traction. The velcro allows us to take them off for easy cleaning.

6) Put your cat on the shelf. 


The finished product.

The finished product.

What do you think? We built one so far and have enough to build another in a separate room.

Tip: If you don’t have access to a saw, Ikea sells the shelves in two-foot sections for $10 each.



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Tuesday Haikusday: Winter

I know it isn’t supposed to be winter just yet, but it seems, from what I can see out the windows, that winter has arrived. But then it left. But then it came back again. And left. And now it’s here. Maybe. Let’s discuss in poem. Eh ehm…crepes in a fur hat 2

If I were a bird,

I’d get my ass to LA

and get an agent.


Hot chocolate, holly,

Mistletoe & nutmeg are

toxic to kitties.

Sweater, mittens, hat.

Tomorrow, t-shirts and shorts.

Weather has mood swings.


I see the coldness

Through the frosty window panes.

Glad I have no job.

Do you have a haiku to share with me? TELL ME!



PS. Today, we have for you the trailer for JURASSIC PURR. PREPARE YOURSELVES.