Tuesday Haikusday: Italy Recap & Happy Tails Winner!

You Guys! I’m back from Italy and I have A LOT to talk about! Today, I’ll do a quick recap via haiku with some photos. Throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be doing some posts about things I saw out there. For now, poetry with inspirational photos:


Italian Geese

Italian geese are

Obviously dangerous.

They require cages.


italian cats

Italian cats travel in style

Two cats, one chauffer.

Small, wooden, orange Vespa.

Gatti ride in style.


Me on a cactus

Me on a cactus

Strange bizarre plant life,

You make my toesies tickle.

Cactus amore.

And, congratulations to Patty Fox, the winner of Happy Tails: Lost Souls, Vol. II! Patty, please contact me with your shipping details so I can send out your prize. Thank you so much for being patient in finding out the winner!

Also, Pretty Girl from last week’s Adoption Champion photo shoot was adopted! Congrats to Pretty Girl and thank you all so much for your sharing! More Adoption Champ photos later this week.



Tueday Haikusday: Italy

We’re on vacation this week! We’ll be back on the 16th, but please enjoy a few little things I put together before our travels began.


You have lots of bread,

Pasta and stuff I can’t eat.

Must you mock me so?


Cats, dog, everywhere.

I wish I could take you all,

Lovely foreign friends.


Oggi, sono il

gatto in Italia.

Sono contenta.


Bet you guys didn’t know I spoke Italian! I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, please help me by sharing tomorrow’s photos of Pretty Girl, our next Adoption Champion kitty!



Confession Friday: I’m Going to Italy

It’s true. For 10 days. Please don’t quit checking in, though, because I have a whole week of posts planned to go out! I might not be able to answer comments, but I’ll check in when I get back, so behave as normal. If you have something amazing to share with me or other readers, put it on my Facebook Page!   I plan to take lots of photos of Italian animals that I see and I’ll share them when I return!


From our 2011 trip with La Gabrielle Tours

Also, if you haven’t, enter to win Lost Souls Found, a book about special needs pets featuring my story! I’ll contact the winner when I return home next week, since I’ll be on a plane when the giveaway ends. I hope that’s ok.

A hearty hug to all my faithful readers. Thank you so much for being so great! Without you, my words would be like trees falling in a forest with no one to hear them: They wouldn’t resonate at all.