Mice Bucket Challenge

You guys!

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So the FODs got challenged to the Mice Bucket Challenge by fans on YouTube. They decided to choose Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats! Why? Because:

  • They’re awesome
  • They have a fantastic model for socializing and saving feral kittens
  • The headmistress is pretty cool
  • They’re saving kittens!

So, here’s their video. I was already tired for the day, so I volunteered one of the foster kittens to get dumped on. Unfortunately forĀ  Alana and Kris, she had other plans.

They decided not to call out anyone by name. Instead, they’ve called out everyone! Do you have a Mice Bucket Challenge video? Post it to the CATastrophes Facebook page and let us all see! And then make a donation to your favorite rescue, or to Kitty Bungalow, because after what that kitten did, the FODs might need a little help counting all those mice.