Tuesday Haikusday: Winter

I know it isn’t supposed to be winter just yet, but it seems, from what I can see out the windows, that winter has arrived. But then it left. But then it came back again. And left. And now it’s here. Maybe. Let’s discuss in poem. Eh ehm…crepes in a fur hat 2

If I were a bird,

I’d get my ass to LA

and get an agent.


Hot chocolate, holly,

Mistletoe & nutmeg are

toxic to kitties.

Sweater, mittens, hat.

Tomorrow, t-shirts and shorts.

Weather has mood swings.


I see the coldness

Through the frosty window panes.

Glad I have no job.

Do you have a haiku to share with me? TELL ME!



PS. Today, we have for you the trailer for JURASSIC PURR. PREPARE YOURSELVES.