Tuesday Haikusday: Winter

I know it isn’t supposed to be winter just yet, but it seems, from what I can see out the windows, that winter has arrived. But then it left. But then it came back again. And left. And now it’s here. Maybe. Let’s discuss in poem. Eh ehm…crepes in a fur hat 2

If I were a bird,

I’d get my ass to LA

and get an agent.


Hot chocolate, holly,

Mistletoe & nutmeg are

toxic to kitties.

Sweater, mittens, hat.

Tomorrow, t-shirts and shorts.

Weather has mood swings.


I see the coldness

Through the frosty window panes.

Glad I have no job.

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PS. Today, we have for you the trailer for JURASSIC PURR. PREPARE YOURSELVES.

The ASPCA Cat Hat Reviewed!

Dear Friends,

I have decided to further entice you all to take a moment to Vote for Catalogue by reviewing for you the fabulous Cat Hat that you could win from Freshstep.com! Each time you vote, you’re put in a drawing to win one of these hats. It’s handmade and limited-edition, designed by Sunghee Bang! It goes well with a man or a woman, kitten or adult, and looks great with all colors since it’s black and gray.

The pluses: It feels great on the tongue, like you’re grooming a sheep

It’s really warm!

It smells good.

It makes people smile.

The minuses: It’s a little big for just my head, so it’s more of a “Cat Sack” for me. But I’m very petite, so that happens all the time.

Overall, I give it a STUMPS UP!

Check out this little video of me demonstrating the awesomeness of the Cat Hat! And never fear, if you don’t win one, you can always buy one for $39.99 and all the proceeds go to the ASPCA! Have a look at www.freshstep.com

Me trying on the ASPCA/ Freshstep Cat Hat!

Me trying on the ASPCA/ Freshstep Cat Hat!

And please, for the love of all things catnip, Vote for Catalogue!