Mystery Monday: Harry Sheets And The Shoe – The Conclusion

crepesauthorLast week, we left Harry Sheets sliding towards Isosceles, who was consuming the evidence on the floor. How will this end? Find out now! (If you haven’t been following, find out what happens in episode one here. )

Harry Sheets slid uncontrollably towards Isosceles, about to ram straight into the giant tabby and the remainder of the evidence. Thoughts of getting the evidence in his fur flashed through Harry’s mind as his eyed locked with Isosceles’. Harry hated getting his fur dirty, hated it, but there was nothing he could do. He extended his claws to try to gain some traction on the slick floors but continued to slide. He braced for impact.

“My fur!” Harry screamed. Then, at the last second, Pancakes threw herself in front of Harry.

“I’ll save you, Harry!” she yelled. Her brave act did nothing to slow Harry’s speed. All three of them collided in a heap, slipping straight through the evidence on the floor.

As the world came to a stop, Harry found himself lying on top of Pancakes, who was lying on top of Isosceles, who was still licking the evidence from his lips. All six eyes widened as they realized how close they were to each other and all three cats started hissing furiously as they scrambled to avoid contact.

After regaining a safe distance from each other, Harry confronted Isosceles.

“Why? Why did you eat our evidence?”

“Why not?” Isosceles asked.

“It’s not food!” Harry screamed.

“It was food.”

“Well, yes, I suppose at one point it was, but it’s beyond food now.”

“I don’t know, tasted ok to me,” Isosceles replied.

“You, sir, are disgusting! And you’ve ruined my case!” Harry pressed his ears back.


“So? En guard!” Harry shouted, lifting his right paw into dueling stance.

Isosceles met the challenge and lifted his as well, flattening back his ears and squinting his eyes. The two large cats stared at each other through half-closed lids, heads turned slightly to the side, paws raised. After fifteen seconds of stillness, Isosceles struck first. Harry parried with his paw. A few more seconds went by, then Harry struck back. Suddenly, a flurry of paws was all that was visible as the cats slammed their toes together repeatedly for a short time. Then, they went still again. Harry took a final swing and hit Isosceles on the head.

“Touche!” he yelled.

Isosceles crouched lower to the ground and backed away slowly, squinted eyes still focused on Harry. When he reached a safe distance, he ran and hid himself under the couch.

Harry felt elated as he realized he’d vanquished his opponent.

“Yeah!” Pancakes yelled. “Nice job, you showed him who was boss!” Her words were muffled between licks of her own fur. She was trying to groom out the evidence.

Harry realized it too late.

“Pancakes, that’s all we have left! What will we analyze now?”

Pancakes paused for a moment, making clicking noises with her tongue.

“What are you doing?” Harry asked.

“I’m analyzing the evidence. It tastes like fish oil,” she paused, smacking her lips again, “with a hint of grass.”


“Yeah, grass.”

“Who was eating grass?”

“Oh, I guess I was,” Pancakes said.

“When were you eating grass?”

“Mom took me out on the balcony with her yesterday. I found some out there.”

Harry paused, trying to put together this information in his head.

“Are you telling me, that you ate grass?”


“And that the evidence tastes like grass…”


“But that means, that means that you… you…” Harry stammered. Suddenly, it all became clear. “You, Pancakes! It was you that puked in Mom’s shoe!”

Pancakes considered the evidence for a moment.

“Oh yeah, I guess it was.”

“When did you do it?”

“I guess it must have been when I took that nap in the closet, next to the shoe rack. I remember waking up with a bit of a tummy ache. Gosh, I thought I’d dreamed that whole thing.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Harry said.

“Well, you never asked.”

“But I – I – ” Harry stammed, realizing she was right. He’d never conducted an interview with Pancakes. He was so focused on the evidence that he forgot the obvious. As Harry grappled with the truth, Pancakes smiled.

“Wow, Harry! I helped you solve the case!”

Harry said nothing for a moment.

“Harry! Did you hear me? I helped! Does this mean I can be your official sidekick? Oh, gosh, that would be great! Just great!” Pancakes sang.

Harry realized she was right. She had helped him solve the case, even though she was the perpetrator. And she taught him a valuable lesson about interviewing: He must, in future, leave no stone unturned or, in this case, no Pancake unflipped.

“Yes, Pancakes, you can be my sidekick.”

“Oh, that’s so great!” Pancakes ran up to Harry to hug him. Her quick motion startled both of them and they hit the deck, looking around for signs of danger.

“I just wanted a hug,” Pancakes said.

Harry put his nose near hers and bumped it against her face. She bumped his back. Then Harry started walking towards the bedroom. It was time for a nap.

“Hey, Harry, next time, will you wear a little hat that matches mine?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Ok, I have the perfect one for you,” she said, trailing after him into the bedroom. “It’s in Mom’s closet.  On one of her dolls. You want me to get it?”


Harry’s tail disappeared around the corner and Pancakes followed. All he could think about was a nap. A nap was exactly what he needed.

………………………………………………………….THE END


So, what did you think? Did you like Harry Sheets? Do you want to hear more about him? He may take a little break for a few weeks, but if he’s popular enough, he might make a come back soon, so let me know what you think!

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Love, Crepes.

Mystery Monday with Cat Detective Harry Sheets-Part 4!

Last week, Peabody overturned the evidence right onto the floor, leaving Harry Sheets with a problem. When we left him, he had locked himself into a cabinet to decide his next course of action. (Here’s a link to Part One, in case you’re a newcomer.)

Part Four

Harry Sheets was alone in the dark, curled up inside a soup pot. His case was going to the dogs. Peabody had spoiled the evidence by dumping it out onto the floor, an event that would have never happened if only he’d grabbed the shoe when he had the chance. Pancakes was right: Harry had been close enough. If only he’d thought better…

A soft knock at the cabinet door startled Harry from his thoughts. He did not answer. Another knock followed.

“Who is it?” Harry asked.



“Fidelio,” the voice repeated.

Harry was confused. “Pancakes, is that you?”

“Yeah, can I come in?”

“Why didn’t you just ask?”

“I thought I had to say the password.”

“There isn’t a password.”

“There’s always a password, like in that Tom Cruise movie. All detectives have passwords.”

“Just come in.”

“No, I want to say the password,” Pancakes insisted.

“I said there isn’t a password, just open the door.”

Harry’s reply was met with silence. He took a deep breath and let it out.

“Ok, go ahead and say the -”

“Fidelio,” Pancakes cut him off.

“Come in,” Harry sighed.

Pancakes pawed open the door and poked her head in.

“What are you doing?”

“Thinking,” Harry said.

“Are you feeling bad about the evidence spilling onto the -” Pancakes started, but Harry cut her off.

“Yes, yes, I’m feeling bad about spoiling the case. Yes.”

“Well, who’s going to solve it now if the great Harry Sheets won’t come out of the pan?”

“It’s a soup pot.”

“Ok, soup pot.”

“Perhaps there’s nothing to solve. Perhaps mom doesn’t even care. She has plenty of pairs of shoes,” Harry said.

“Yes, but those were her favorite shoes!” Pancakes said.

“But how will this help? What good will it do if I solve the case?”

“I’m sure she’ll feel better knowing who the perpetrator is.”

Harry wasn’t so sure. He still felt like he had failed. He tucked his tail further into the pot.

“Harry, you have to get up!” Pancakes wailed suddenly. “You’re our only hope!”

Without warning, Pancakes threw the door to the cabinet wide open and light streamed into, causing Harry’s eyes to close into slits.

“Pancakes, what are you doing?”

“You must get up! Harry, you’re my hero! You can’t quit! Not now! We’ve come so far!”

“But the evidence…”

“Is still here!” Pancakes said. “We can do this. Harry, do you know who you are?”

“I’m a cat.”

“You’re a detective! And you’re my hero! Harry Sheets, get thee from the soup pot and solve this case!” Pancakes pointed towards the kitchen with her stump.

“Do you really think I can?” Harry asked.

“I think you MUST!” Pancakes said. “There’s no one better for the job!”

“If you think I can…”

“I KNOW you can!” Pancakes shouted. “Out!”

Harry thought to himself for a moment. Maybe Pancakes was right. Maybe he could do this. He could solve this case and tell Mom who had puked in her shoe. Detective work was his talent, his joy, his reason for being.

As Pancakes softly hummed the theme to “Chariots of Fire,” Harry felt pride swelling in his chest. He unfolded himself from the soup pot and marched out of the cabinet, head held high.

“That’s it!” Pancakes cried. “I knew you’d find the strength!”

The light stinging his eyes, Harry bravely stepped from the cabinet and into the kitchen, Pancakes following behind. They walked out towards the hallway, their steps matching the rhythm of Pancakes’ song.

“And now, we march!” Harry shouted. He stepped in rhythm with Pancakes and marched down the hallway.

“Today is the day that we -” Harry started.

His march came to a halt. Pancakes slid into his backside, muffling her song against Harry’s rump. Harry had no words.

There, in the middle of the hallway, was the shoe. And next to the shoe was the remains of the evidence, and it was being consumed by Isosceles.

“No!” Harry cried. “Unhand my evidence!” He flew towards the hulking tabby, throwing himself with all his might, and slid across the wooden floor, unable to stop himself, on a collision course with Isosceles and his snack.

Mystery Monday With Cat Detective Harry Sheets: Part Three!

Last week, we left Detective Harry Sheets trying to solve the mystery of who puked in mom’s shoe. He was in the kitchen, devising a way to get the soiled shoe out of the closet. He’s just about to do it. Let’s see what happens! (Here’s a link to Week One, in case you’re a newcomer)


crepesauthorHarry Sheets breathed with precision, trying to take in only what air he needed so as not to make sounds that might arouse the wrath of the vacuum. He looked back once at Pancakes to make sure she was in position. She gave him a stumps up.

Turning back to the task at hand, Harry silently counted the steps it took him to get to the closet. One. Two. Three. 

He was there. The apartment wasn’t very large. The shoe was as he left it. The vacuum was also still there, against his fervent prayers to the feline cosmos. He signaled to Pancakes and she began sliding the broom towards him, the color bug clip twisted carefully around the end. Harry tracked it with his eyes as it slid across the hardwood floor, hoping against hope that the sound wouldn’t wake the sleeping machine. As the end of the broom neared him, he guided it with his paw to the shoe.

“Steady,” he thought to himself. “Steady now, easy does it. Almost there…”

He used his claws to grab the wire and guide it over the edge of the shoe. He had it. The shoe was hooked.

With a sudden burst of panic and enthusiasm, Harry leapt back towards Pancakes.

“Ok! We’ve got it. Pull it in, pull it in!”

Harry and Pancakes pulled the broom together, sliding the shoe across the floor. The sunlight shined through the window and glinted off the shoe’s shiny surface, making enticing patterns on the wall. Too enticing, it seemed, for at that moment, Peabody came out of nowhere.

Harry saw it happening in slow motion, but it was too late, and there was nothing he could do. Peabody was down on her front paws, her rear wiggling from side to side, and then she went springing through the air, landing on the shoe, Harry’s only evidence in the case.

“No!” Harry shouted. “Get off my evidence!” He sprang towards Peabody knocking the shoe from her grasp. Forensic evidence spilled from the shoe and onto the floor. Peabody’s fur shot up in the air along her back and tail and she ran from the room, taking refuge somewhere under the king-sized bed.

Harry inspected what was left of his case.

“Well, this is terrible. She’s ruined the evidence! She’s completely contaminated our only clue! What are we going to do now?”

His question was met with silence.

“Pancakes?” he said.

Harry turned around and found Pancakes on her back on the floor, pawing at the color bug clip on the end of the broom.

“Pancakes!” he shouted. “This is no time for games. We need to preserve this as best we can!”

“Maybe we can use the color bug to scoop it up,” she offered.

“No, no, it’s not big enough. There’s no time for that. We’re going to have to find something to put this in so that we can inspect it properly.”

“How about a bag?”

“Yes! A bag! Perfect. Give me a bag.”

“Oh, I don’t have one.”

“Then why did you suggest it?”

“I just figured if we had one, it would be a good idea,” said Pancakes.

“Then we need to find one.”

“Mmm… can I just maybe play with this for a few minutes and then I’ll help you-”

“Forget it!” Harry cut her off. “I’ll find the bag myself.”

“Hey, Harry?” she asked as he stalked off toward the kitchen in search of a forensic receptacle.


“How come when you were putting the color bug on the shoe, you didn’t just grab the shoe? I mean, you were close enough, weren’t you?”

Harry thought for a moment. He closed his eyes and said nothing. He had no words.

“Harry?” Pancakes said again.

Harry shook his head.

“Are you -” she started.

“Leave me,” he said, walking further into the kitchen. He stopped at the cabinets and could go no further.

“I can still see you, Harry,” Pancakes said. “There’s really nowhere to go…”

Harry’s pride could take no more. He opened a cabinet and got inside. It clapped shut behind him.

On top of the couch, Isosceles opened his eyes. He spied the evidence lying in the hallway. With Pancakes occupied by her color bug and Harry hiding with the pots and pans, Isosceles eyed the evidence and prepared to make his move.


Oh! Poor Harry Sheets! His plan didn’t go as planned. What do you think will happen now? Are you excited to find out?