Tuesday Haikusday: Polar Vortex, Part Deux

Ok, seriously, this Polar guy needs to quit with the vortex and get on back up north. I mean, I actually don’t go outside, but I can see from the windows it looks pretty nippy. And then when the dog has to go out, MomFOD has to put her boots on, and then her coat, and then her leash, and then her own boots and coat and leash. It takes forever and when I’m waiting for my food it’s kind of annoying. And then there’s the fact that everyone else is complaining about it, which I also find annoying. I dunno. I’ll stop complaining and take out my frustrations in verse. Eh hem…

My zen-like aura keeps me warm while I contemplate haiku in my garden.

My zen-like aura keeps me warm while I contemplate haiku in my garden.

I’ve heard tell of cold

just like this in ancient times,

back in the 80s.


If I were a bear

I think that I’d not care. Why?

Epic three-month nap.


The dog goes outside.

Sniffs the coldness, takes her time.

You curse. I laugh, warm.

Please make sure that any outdoor animals have shelter and UNFROZEN water. If you know of homeless kitties or pups in your area, providing them with styrofoam containers stuffed with straw and covered with a space blanket would really help and could even save some lives.

Stay toasty, my friends!



PS. Greg will stare at you in the shower until you remember to Vote for the Inheritance.

Tuesday Haikusday: The Lap

Today, I’ve been inspired by momFOD’s lap. Here I am all curled up, three paws to stump. Join me as I wax poetic about its comforts. Eh hem…

Three paws to stump style

Three-paws-to-stump style

Soft, warm, and comfy

I sit here, purring for you.

But really, for me.


Biscuits, biscuits, bread

I push and shove and poke you

Kneading my heart out.


I sit down for sleep

Just as you are getting up.

Sit back down, lounger.

Tell me your poem! Do you like laps? Do you prefer them soft or lean? Warm or cool? What’s your preference? Share with me.



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Tuesday Haikusday: Traveling

Meditating in the garden, writing my poetry.

Meditating in the garden, writing my poetry.

I’ll be traveling this week, so I wax poetic on the subject. The first two are more about my inner feelings. The last is a bit avant garde. Eh hem….


I see it coming

Plastic and metal jail cell.

Find me now, warden.


Don’t you put me in there.

How would you like it, meanie?

I’ll meow ALL the way.


Whooshing by I see

The grass, leaves, trees, flowers, cars

Car sick, lap soiled, Fin.


If you’re wondering where I’m going and didn’t read yesterday’s post, it’s to Blog Paws! Catinthefridge.com was nominated as a finalist for the Best Cause Blog of 2013 (look to the right there to see my proof badge) so we’re going out to see what happens! More about my trip tomorrow. In the mean time, share your haiku!