Tuesday Haikusday: The Snow

zen garden rock snow
Today, I have decided to wax poetic about the snow or lack thereof.
Hey snow, where are you?
I like watching through the glass
As you stop traffic.
Floating down softly
seesawing through the crisp air
Touching down, lightly.
You make the streets slick
Drivers are swearing while I
Relax and groom fur.
PS. I’m taking suggestions for next week’s Tuesday Haikusday topic. What’chu got?

Tuesday Haikusday: Books

You guys!

I thought I’d bring back some haiku today in honor of the book party we’re having tomorrow in support of Tree House! Eh hem…


Papery softness

Supports my head while I nap.

Gently, I sniff you.


Held up to her face

Taking attention from me

I punch your pages.


Your pages crinkle

Gently, I chew your corners.

I digest knowledge.

If you don’t have a copy of Rescued yet, get one here.

And if you’re in the Chicago area, please come out tomorrow to meet the CATastrophes team and support Tree House.



PS. Here’s a video of me playing in slow motion. Ignore the grey cats. I’m the star.

How to Fit All Your Pets’ Names on Your Christmas Card

Have you ever had the feeling that you just have too many cats to fit on a Christmas card? And then you try to shove the dog in there, too?

louie crepes christmas copy

I had grand plans for my signature… and then SOMEONE snuck in and I didn’t have enough room for both of our names.

Well, MomFOD came up with a solution a few years ago. She jammed all of our names together until they made an interesting to say word. Now, when it was just Rocky, Niles, Dixie, and Peabody, they were known as “PIxieRoNi.” When they adopted me, they amended it to “CrePIxieRoNi.”  Now that Rocky’s gone, we had to drop the Ro, and adding the ever-present fosters Louie and Sprinkle to the mix made a challenge that MomFOD had never seen before.

After much consternation where she was staring at a notebook and shushing me off her lap, she came up with the epic name of all names that would allow her to fit all of us onto their Christmas card. And that name is….


It’s a little weird, I’m not going to lie. However, it sums us up nicely and fits on a card.

Give it a try! Write down all your pets names, underline the syllables that you want to use, and then mix and match to see what else you can get! Some of our discarded ideas were:




Splixie Crilebody



What’s your combined name?



PS. Since it’s Tuesday, I’ll toss in a haiku. Eh hem…

louie santa box

Oh. It’s Santa sitting in a box. How about that.

Christmas Eve comes close

Under the tree you’ll find me

Our tiny, small tree.



Tuesday Haikusday: Fur and a Film

Today, I want to talk about something we have and people don’t. That’s right: fur.  Eh hem…

Look at it. Look at my fur. It's festive for the holidays.

Look at it. Look at my fur. It’s festive for the holidays.

Soft, silky, short, sleek

Striped, gray, black, brown, mottled red

So many choices.


I am always warm

You pay for coats and mittens

It sucks to be you.


You want to touch it

I’m going to charge you for that

Me: entrepreneur.


There it is! What do you think of fur? How many colors are in your house?

Speaking of charging for pets, check out this new CATastrophes film featuring Peabody and the seemingly ever-present Louie.



PS. You have until tonight to leave a comment and be entered for the ASPCA gift basket giveaway. Get on it!