Tuesday Haikusday: Napping

Good day, astute Readers.

I am glad you have returned for another installation of “Tuesday Haikusday.” Please join me as I wax poetic about “napping,” as suggested in a previous post by reader Sammy of One Spoiled Cat.

zen garden rock crepes 2016

Eh hem…

Soft pillow holds me
Molded to my body’s shape
While I nap so hard.
In the dark I lie
Yet in my sleep, I’m truthful
Who can blame me now?
A timeless, classic,
Ancient way to pass the time.
Sleep waits for no one.
What do you want to hear about next time?
PS. Kitten season is coming.


Tuesday Haikusday: The Snow

zen garden rock snow
Today, I have decided to wax poetic about the snow or lack thereof.
Hey snow, where are you?
I like watching through the glass
As you stop traffic.
Floating down softly
seesawing through the crisp air
Touching down, lightly.
You make the streets slick
Drivers are swearing while I
Relax and groom fur.
PS. I’m taking suggestions for next week’s Tuesday Haikusday topic. What’chu got?

Tuesday Haikusday: Books

You guys!

I thought I’d bring back some haiku today in honor of the book party we’re having tomorrow in support of Tree House! Eh hem…


Papery softness

Supports my head while I nap.

Gently, I sniff you.


Held up to her face

Taking attention from me

I punch your pages.


Your pages crinkle

Gently, I chew your corners.

I digest knowledge.

If you don’t have a copy of Rescued yet, get one here.

And if you’re in the Chicago area, please come out tomorrow to meet the CATastrophes team and support Tree House.



PS. Here’s a video of me playing in slow motion. Ignore the grey cats. I’m the star.