BREAKING NEWS: We’re In CatDance 2014!

You guys! We are officially able to announce that we are Finalists in CATDANCE 2014!!!


Oh man, I’ve been sitting on that announcement for three months and couldn’t wait to tell you. This will be our second time in the CatDance festival. Our first movie, Catalogue, went from there to the Internet Cat Video Festival, and it helped me launch this blog, and to do all the other things I’ve been doing to help homeless animals.

A scene from 'The Inheritance' with Rocky as "Greg"

A scene from ‘The Inheritance’ with Rocky as “Greg”

Best part? I co-star in the new film with a much bigger role than in my previous movie. Rocky, of course, is still the big star. It also features MomFOD (Alana Grelyak) and Kris Flanagan, both from Catalogue, as well as Theodore Hahn, and was directed by DadFOD (Michael Gabriele.) Niles and Mrs. Peabody are also in it, and there’s even a very small cameo from Doodle, but you have to watch all the way to the end to find her. And we have a band.

Me and MomFOD in a scene from "The Inheritance"

Me and MomFOD in a scene from “The Inheritance”

This is WAY bigger than last year’s festival because the winner gets $50,000! No, I did NOT miscount my zeros. That’s a lot of moolah, but in order to win it, we need the people’s vote! And we would love to have your support. Our movie is called The Inheritance and you can vote once each day. Every vote gives you a chance to win lots of prizes from Freshstep, so there’s something in it for you, too.  Voting starts Saturday the 18th at noon over here on the CatDance page.

One of "Greg's" many needs.

One of “Greg’s” many needs.

Therefore, dear readers, I ask for your support. Please, vote for “The Inheritance.” 

And don’t forget to check out our new web series CATastrophes, launching the 22nd of January! Every film will feature a rescue and spotlight topics in adoption.


Crepes, reporting from Park City, Utah.

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Reflections on Catalogue – Closing Day

Today is February 28th, which marks the end of the Freshstep Catdance Film Festival, of which our movie “Catalogue” has taken part for the last six weeks. I’d like to take a moment on closing day to reflect on and share with you the things that I’ve learned from this contest.

For those of you that don’t know, the contest chose five finalists to compete for the most popular film, judged by audience vote. The grand prize is $10,000. My mom wanted to use that money to further her career (she needs some new things to update her composition software) and my dad wanted to use his share to fund more films. That’s his passion. It’s where I get my own love of acting from. Another important thing they wanted to do with that money was to give a percentage to pay for some kitties like me to be able to afford the medical care and surgeries they needed to prepare them for adoption.

At this time, it’s pretty safe to say that unless the voter gods intervene in a major way, Catalogue is not going to be the grand prize winner. And, when it became clear that the votes just weren’t catching up halfway through the contest, my FODs wanted to make something out of the experience anyway and they kept saying out loud “but how can we help the kitties?” so I convinced them to use Catalogue’s popularity to help me start this blog. So, even if they don’t get the money, they are still able to help special needs kitties in a slightly different way. And that’s a major win.

Another thing is that we feel really quite successful. Our film, out of the five, had the most views, coming in at nearly 450,000. We were featured on Good Morning America, and my mom got to do an interview with WGN’s Steve Dale. We got lots and lots of great comments and positive reviews. And we’d like to thank each and every one of you all for taking the time to cast more than 15,000 votes for us! We know that you all took time out of your busy schedules to do that, and we are forever grateful. The support that we’ve received from our friends during this time has been really touching, and we can rest assured that we did this the right way, with no vote sharing, no vote buying, and 100% by hard work. And being that we got roughly eight times the views of the leading video, we are pleased to know that our work touched so many. And, in the end, that’s really what a writer, a musician, a filmmaker, and actors really want: to share their work with the world. Therefore, we feel like we are the grand prize winners all around, even if we didn’t get the prize they advertised.

So, for the last time, I ask you to Vote for Catalogue. And then, after today, I hope you keep coming back to hear what I have to say and learn all about the awesome kitties in this world that you might never have known existed.

A scene from "Catalogue"

A scene from “Catalogue”

SIDE NOTE: Also, congrats to my friends Sniffie and Nimbus! They had their Rainbow Bridge wedding day and it was such a lot of work! My nudist photo even made it into the slide show. Leave them a note so they know how much you liked it!

More Secrets About Isosceles… Revealed!

I did a quick profile on Rocky, the cat who plays Isosceles in the short film Catalogue. There’s been a lot of interest on him in the comments sections of the film, so I thought you all might want a little more info on this fascinating fellow. His answers are below. Anything in parentheses was a detail added by me, after he turned in the questionnaire.  Enjoy!

Rocky "working"

Rocky “working”

NAME: Isosceles

REAL NAME: Rocky (I think his full name is “DammitRocky” cause that’s what the FOD’s are always yelling)

COLOR: Brown with stripes (His fur is spikey. Mine is smooth. Just saying.)

LIMBS: all four (and he’s still slower than me)

AGE: almost 14

FAVORITE FOOD: anything in the trash can (well, I can’t blame him there)

FAVORITE PLACE TO NAP: the foot of the bed

FAVORITE PERSON: my mom (yeah but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if he’s in a good mood, and she gives him breakfast on time, and there’s no moon)

FAVORITE PLACE TO GET PETTED: in the bathroom with the petter seated on the toilet (that’s true)

FAVORITE BOOK: Penance, by Anna Grant. (He loves Romance novels with a twist! )

QUOTE TO LIVE BY: “Find silence. There, destroy it.”

FAVORITE PART OF CATALOGUE: When I got vacuumed. It felt real good. (I think he also liked it when Kris Flanagan was dancing with him, even though he won’t admit it.)

VOTE FOR CATALOGUE… PLEASE?  We have less than two weeks to win that prize, which will give us the ability to help a few special kitties get what they need! Thank you so much!