#CATbaret, the Celebrity Spectacle of the Year!

You guys!

Now,  I believe you’ve heard me say in the past that Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats is having a CATbaret celebrity cat fundraiser. Well, they’re doing it again! It’s time for:

KB catbaret logo 2015

CATbaret 2015! :::Cue the dancers:::

I’m sorry. I’ve just been informed that the dancers are NOT showing up for this blog post. However, they WILL be showing up for the show on August 1st at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood!

And who, WHO is going to be there? Why, there will be Fred Willard, Wendi Clendon-Covey, Elaine Hendrix, Mo Collins, Billy Boys, Elisabeth Harnois, Autumn Resser, Keith David, Jon Huertas, and the So You Think You Can Dance dancers (who I thought were going to be dancing in this blog post, but whatever.)

And you know who else will be there? MomFOD. That’s right! MomFOD! She’s going to be in attendance and you’ll even be seeing her on the big screen in CATastrophes. But wait, there’s more! A few years ago, MomFOD composed the piece for Nora the Piano Cat and five-piece jazz band called “Call Me Charm Cat.” It’s being repeated due to popular demand! MomFOD is also working a bit on the back end here, donating her time as the blogger coordinator to help spread the word about the event. Therefore, she’s bowing out of the giveaways for the tickets and gift bag, but if you are interested in entering a Rafflecopter giveaway to win a pair of tickets to the event and VIP afterparty, leave a comment and MomFOD will tell you where to look to enter the giveaway! (hint: other blogs)

Keith David cats fred willard and siamese KB

If you don’t know about Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, then you’re missing out, because they are an awesome LA rescue that’s helping to provide TNR services for feral cats in LA while rescuing and socializing feral kittens and then placing them in forever homes. KB is funded entirely by donations and volunteer support, so we need all decks on hand for this event! Or is that hands on deck? Well, that last one sounds a little risque so we’ll go with the former. Anyway, buy tickets here! catbaretAP2

And if you can’t go? You can always buy a ticket to donate back to the rescue OR just help spread the word with a tweet or share. Why? Because kittens.



PS. Don’t forget to vote for Cat Behavior Finally Explained! Because you love me.



Book Signing and CATastrophes Meet and Greet!

You Guys!

I wanted to announce to everyone that there will be a book singing and meet and greet! The book for which I am the cover girl, Rescued, was recently released and my chosen rescue is Tree House in Chicago.  They are going to have a Happy Meower to celebrate the book and MomFOD will be there reading my story. You can also meet Kris and Michael from the CATastrophes Web Series!

I would like to cordially invite you all to come have a drink for the kitties!

Happy-Meower_FB-Banner alana redo

If you don’t live in the area, please pass this on to someone who does! I want to make this a big success!



Sexy Black – A Black Cat/Dog Benefit from Chicago Cat Rescue

SB_Blog_BannerYou Guys!

I’m very excited to announce that we at Cat In The Fridge have signed up for our very first sponsorship! We as a blog are sponsoring Sexy Black, a benefit thrown by Chicago Cat Rescue to aid in the adoption of black cats and dogs. (We’re one of the sponsors, not the ONLY one.)

As you may know, black cats and dogs are the least adopted color of animal. Many rescues have annual events to help raise awareness and promote the adoptions of these often overlooked animals and Chicago Cat Rescue is no exception! This is their sixth year hosting the event and they’re expecting a few hundred people! Here are the details:

Sexy Black – a benefit to raise awareness for black cats and dogs

When:  Saturday, February 22, 2014,  7:00 to 11:00 pm
Where:  Chicago Party Animals, 1133 W. Fulton Market

Advance tickets:  $25  ($30 at the door)

For more details and for a great article on the plight of black cats and dogs and “Black Cat Syndrome,” check out this blog post from Chicago Now’s Raining Cats and Dogs. It offers some excellent information on why this event and events like it are so important!

You can purchase tickets here. For more information, check out CCR’s events page! If you’re in Chicago or near Chicago or feel like you want to take a little trip, come on down! There are going to be BLACK JELLO SHOTS and MomFOD will be there and my picture will be all over the place! (Well, in a few places, but it’s so eye-catching everyone will be looking at it. Look:)

Check me out. Woo!

Check me out. Woo! Eye catching, right?




PS. My brother Niles is black. This is dedicated to him.