Bachelor of the Week: Charlie!

Oh! I have a DOOZY for your today!

Do you like to snuggle? Do you like gigantic man cats who are almost too big to hold? What about gray cats? How about one-eyed cats? YOU DO?!?! Fantastic, because that’s who we have today!



World, meet Charlie. This gigantic hunk of mancat was living in a junkyard. One day, a kind man tried to help him and do you know what Charlie did? He jumped into his car! You see, Charlie loves cars. It was the only thing that was really keeping him going during his junkyard days – perusing all the shiny, rusty, smooshed up cars that came around. One day, he hopes to build a porsche from scratch. True story. He even has the hood ornament all ready to go, except he won’t show anyone who doesn’t adopt him.

Besides his love for muscle cars, Charlie loves to cuddle and ride on shoulders. Also, he has FIV and diabetes. He probably picked up the FIV on the street, most likely when someone insulted one of his rides. The diabetes just kind of happened. Also, he’s missing an eye, but he only needs one to target you with. Target for what, you ask! Well, snuggles, of course!

If you think you have space in your home for a bear hugger with a constant sassy wink, contact Tabby’s Place today! Charlie sure would be grateful. He might even let you ride in his porsche one day. If you can’t fit this big boy into your house, consider leaving a donation for his care. He’ll use part of his for his needs and I’m sure Tabby’s Place will let him keep part for his porsche fund.

Debating the merits of high-walled vs. low-rider tires.

Debating the merits of high-walled vs. low-rider tires.

"Is that a finger print on my newly waxed car?!?!" - Charlie.

“Is that a finger print on my newly waxed car?!?!” – Charlie.

"Will you be my passenger for life?"  - Charlie.

“Will you be my passenger for life?” – Charlie.




PS. Our buddy Mittens from Texts From Mittens has just put his book on pre-order! If you love Mittens, get your copy reserved! If you don’t love Mittens, you need to open your heart to his witty ways.


Bachelor of the Week: Doc Watson!

You guys!

I have for you a kitty so powerful, so amazing, that you won’t believe your eyes! In fact, he can’t even believe his eyes because he doesn’t have any, but that doesn’t stop him! And does diabetes stop him? NO! And what about FIV? NO! Or Kidney Disease? NAY!  How about advanced age? I think we know the answer: NO!

What's up, Doc?

What’s up, Doc?

World, meet Doc Watson. This little dude is the specialist of the special needs kitties. He’s thirteen, has diabetes, FIV, kidney disease, and he’s blind. And you know what? He still deserves a home. Angela at Tabby’s Place wrote this amazing article on Doc here if you want to read a more in-depth piece about how Doc’s awesome has to be contained by The Wall, but here are some highlights you should know about him:

He loves to be held.

He loves to cuddle.

He likes kids and gets on well in a house that has them.

He takes injections twice a day for his diabetes and requires a special diet.

He knows how to build time machines.

He plays a mean blue grass guitar.

Doc is special enough to be living in the Tabby’s Place Founder’s office, the only kitty in there! He’s gentle and sweet, and won’t defend himself if attacked by other kitties. A true pacifist.

If you’d like to meet Doc Watson, please contact Tabby’s Place right away! If you love Doc but can’t take him home, please consider sponsoring him here. He would really appreciate it. He busted another guitar string playing some awesome tunes and needs to replace it.




Doc Watson studies refrigeration in his spare time.

"I'm about to scratch this. I hope no one's looking. I know I'm not. " -Doc Watson.

“I’m about to scratch this. I hope no one’s looking. I know I’m not. ” -Doc Watson.

Adoption Champion Photos 2: Pretty Girl!

Here is another round of photos from our BlogPaws/Halo Adoption Champion photo shoot with Victoria Sprung!


Meet Pretty Girl. She’s sassy, sexy, and ready for a new home! Pretty Girl was THE BEST model of all the kitties we photographed. She hopped right up onto the platform and began to pose with a fiery passion we’ve never seen in a cat. We have no doubt that she’d love to have someone to pose for permanently. If you like to photograph beauty, this is your lady. If you like to see beauty, this is your lady. If you like to gently spank plump tortie butt, this is your lady. Pretty Girl was returned to Tree House because she became borderline diabetic. Her condition is controlled with insulin and diet. She’s nine years old and promises to be the most fabulous model you have ever had in your home, ever.

If you’d like to meet Pretty Girl, contact Tree House immediately. This lady won’t be single long after these photos get out!

The Lemur Pose

“The Lemur”

"The Sphinx"

“The Sphinx”


"The 'Is that a pocketful of treats?'" pose

“The ‘Is that a pocketful of treats?'” pose

Please don’t forget that we’re on vacation this week, so if you can, please help us by getting these photos to spread like butter on  hot Italian bread!