The Crepes Case: The DeLorean Incident

You guys!  Today, I have for you no ordinary case. This is a case of drama, a case of danger, a case of Legos. Actually, it was a box of legos. DadFOD built it into a DeLorean but then, on January 1, 2015, the very day we entered the year of Back to the Future Part II, this happened:


The scene of the crash. Exhibit 1: the flipped DeLorean.

Was it a sign? I leapt into action and got my hat. This was about to become


There we go.

It’s business time.

Picture it: Sicily, 1947. Marty McFly was there, on the shores at the toe of the boot when suddenly, his DeLorean started hurtling toward the future, towards 2015, and he couldn’t stop it.

"Oh, Sh&t." - Marty McFly.

“Oh, Sh*t.” – Marty McFly.

In a flash of light, Marty appeared on top of the fridge in the little apartment in Chicago. No sooner had he landed in his time machine when, seemingly from nowhere, a beast from amongst the local fauna arrived and batted his time machine down to the floor!

The shocked DadFOD.

The shocked DadFOD, unwilling victim of a heinous crime.

Pieces scattered everywhere. I laid out the grid and exhibit notes and got to work.

Snuffing for clues.

Snuffing for clues. I located a bolt from the flux capacitor. It was so small, I almost inhaled it. 

THE SUSPECTS: Based on the trajectory of the fall and the location of the car, I narrowed down my suspects list. Doodle wasn’t home, so she was off the list. It fell from the top of the fridge, which nixed me since I can’t get up that high. Niles isn’t interested in Legos, which left me three suspects.

Louie, aka "The Loser."

Louie, aka “The Lou-ser.”

Sprinkle, a known jumper with a taste for smashing stuff.

Sprinkle, a known jumper with a taste for smashing stuff.

Peabody, the cat with a penchant for heights.

Peabody, the cat with a penchant for heights.

I knocked Louie off the list. He’s got the vertical skills of a skunk stuck in super glue.

And then, suddenly, it came to me. Suspects always return to the scene of the crime! I reviewed my evidence, and I found this:



The Verdict: SPRINKLE! Also, I’m pretty sure Peabody was an accomplice. I have no particular evidence for that, but I’d love to see her get in trouble. Anyway, I have reported my findings to the authorities.




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Day 2 of Abandonment: Guess Where

You guys.

I don’t even have the strength for an exclamation mark today. MomFOD has been gone since yesterday morning. I am alone. I mean, I have Rocky, Niles, Mrs. P and Doodle. Oh, and DadFOD. But I am utterly alone.

Last night, I tried to snuggle DadFOD like I do MomFOD, but he just doesn’t get it. He petted me in reverse, left to right. Unthinkable. And look. Look at this:



DadFOD needs a chart so he can remember to do everything around here. I lose faith in his care taking skills as the minutes tick by. And do you know where MomFOD is? Do you?

I’ll let you guess. It’s 80 degrees there today. That’s your first clue.

I will persevere, here, under the couch, until she returns.



The Week in Photo Review

You Guys!

I thought it might be fun today to show you a bit about what goes on around here during a typical week. This happened to be a filming week, so I’ve chosen some of my favorite “behind the scenes of life” photos to share with you.

With our web series, it can be difficult to find free time. Here’s MomFOD and Doodle taking a bit of a break on the balcony.

Doodle and MomFOD on some down time.

Doodle and MomFOD on some down time.

As you can see, Doodle took advantage of the moment. Figures.

Next, we have some exciting behind the scenes photos from our upcoming CATastrophes Episode 3. We got a new stunt double. Doodle was unsure of how to handle the situation.

Are you...real?

Are you…real?

Next, we have a shot of traveling to a location to film. MomFOD looked in the rear view mirror and couldn’t help but wonder what co-star Kris Flanagan was up to.



It turns out, he was sleeping. Not uncommon.

Moving along, we had some kittens on scene. Check this out:


As you can see by the look on his face, this kitten did not get the bowl full of all red M&Ms, six green-striped towels, and case of liver treats that he requested for his trailer. He was given, instead, a kiss on the head. I don’t think we’ll be working together again with his attitude.

Here we have the not-oft-seen DadFOD taking a moment to step out from behind the camera to pose with another of our kitten stars.

DadFOD and Kitten. The novelty will soon wear off and he'll return to hugging me. I have no doubts.

DadFOD and Kitten. The novelty will soon wear off and he’ll return to hugging me. I have no doubts.

And finally, we have this:

The P and the Potato

The P and the Potato

It’s Mrs. Peabody contemplating life whilst resting her head on a sweet potato.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into a typical week of my life. Of course, no photo journey is complete without a photo of me:

Me seeking attention.

Me seeking attention.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!



PS. MomFOD will be leaving town next week for a few days. Too many days, in fact.  I will be chronicling my time home alone with DadFOD. It will be a sort of written account of all his goings on, in case anything happens while she’s away. I can only hope things don’t go awry.