Confession Friday: What The Hell Is This?

I’ve decided to bring back confession Friday, not because I need to confess something, but because I believe a certain pair of FODs needs to confess IMMEDIATELY.

You may have heard last year that a certain pair of gray cats was in foster with our family. Here they are, in case you forgot:


Louie, the tiny one



Martha, now known as Sprinkle or “Pinckle”

Remember them? Here’s what they look like now:

Louie and sprinkle

Look at that ridiculous smile.

And do you know WHY he’s smiling? DO YOU? I’ll show you:

note from tree house adoption


What do you mean “thank you for adopting Martha OVER A YEAR AGO? And what about Louie? Why isn’t he included in this note, Hmm? This explains why they’re still here!

I think MomFOD has some serious explaining to do. Go on, MomFOD. CONFESS.




PS. Have you considered fostering? It’s fun! And rewarding.  And the season is coming up!

Confession Friday: I Stump Scratch

I know I can’t be the only one, but I confess that when MomFOD gets just the right spot, I join in with my stump. Observe:


And then, when I’m done, I take care of the job on the other side all by myself.

You know you all do it. Go on. Confess.



PS. Last chance to enter my Thank You Giveaway and let me know if you’d like to be entered to win a prize! Winners announced Monday!


Confession Friday: I’m Hiring A Bodyguard

It’s true, guys. I think it’s time. I think that because of this whole Catdance thing, my small cameo in MagiCATastrophe, the upcoming FitCat book deal….it’s all becoming too much exposure for me and I think that I’m going to need a bodyguard to protect my little self.

Now, I’ve had someone offer his services to me, and I want to know what you think of him. Here’s a photo he sent me. Would this guy keep you away from me?


He writes: My name is my name #Mussolini #CashCatz #IHopeDaFedsBeWatchin #YouAintAboutDisLyfe

I guess that’s his resume. I mean, it seems legit, but I’ve never hired a bodyguard before. I think I’m going to test him out and see how this goes. If nothing else, he IS pretty sexy and seems to have quite a bit of money…

I don’t know. What do you think?



PS. My stump itches and the only thing that makes it quit is when someone votes for The Inheritance. Please vote. I’m itchy. Thank you.