Chiropractic Care for Dogs: Doodle’s Experience

You guys!

Doodle had an adventure. She went for a chiropractic adjustment. Now, many people don’t realize that animals can also suffer from imbalances and misalignment of their joints, but they can, and it can cause pain and discomfort, just like for people. Here’s the scoop on Doodle’s case:

REASON FOR GOING: MomFOD noticed that Doodle was having some discomfort in her upper back near her shoulder blades. Doodle was showing  signs of moping (more than usual) and that area of her back felt hot to the touch. Also, when MomFOD tried to massage it, Doodle’s skin got twitchy and she showed signs of discomfort. Therefore, she decided it was best Doodle see a doctor and our regular vet, Dr. C., suggested chiro! And here’s how it went:

THE EXPERIENCE: At first, Doodle was skeptical.

Doodle is unsure.

Doodle is unsure.

Then Dr. Curtis came in. After taking a moment to relax, Doodle went for a walk up and down the hallway because Dr. Curtis wanted to assess her posture and gait to see if she had any imbalances. Sure enough, Doodle tends to walk a bit crooked. The doctor then sat down with Doodle on the large mat on the floor. It was more like a little yoga/massage session than a usual doctors visit. After spending some time discussing Doodle’s diet and exercise routine, Dr. Curtis tested all of Doodle’s joints for flexibility. It turns out, Doodle has a hypermobile shoulder/elbow.

Doodle getting checked out.

Doodle getting checked out. That’s her relaxation face. Seriously.

Dr. Curtis told MomFOD that Doodle needed a few adjustments and then she made them. Unlike a person’s chiropractic adjustments, there were no loud clicks or pops. Nothing about the experience was forceful or surprising. Dr. Curtis simply applied some pressure to the joints and made them slip back into alignment.

Doodle getting aligned.

Doodle getting aligned.

Before leaving, Dr. Curtis discussed a holistic health plan that included getting Doodle more exercise, possibly losing one pound, joining some sports, and adding vitamins into her diet to make sure that her transition into her senior years is smooth and healthy.

Conclusion: After the visit, Doodle seemed much happier! Her movements look easier and she’s not moping as much. MomFOD continues to massage Doodle at home using techniques demonstrated by both Dr. Curtis and Dr. C.  She also does daily exercises with Doodle, like crawling. MomFOD had to teach Doodle to crawl because it helps build her ab muscles, which will in turn help support her back and posture. Doodle also practices flexibility each day with movement exercises that MomFOD works her through. Overall, Doodle’s first chiropractic session was a success!

Who’s It For? Chiropractic adjustments can be a great benefit to any pet, especially to special needs pets that may have an imbalance of musculature. Dogs that practice agility, which can be hard on the body, also greatly benefit from chiropractic care. If you’re interested in trying out chiropractic medicine for your pet, consult your veterinarian for a referral.

Here’s Doodle demonstrating the crawl that she recently learned as well as trying to demonstrate her head and neck stretches (it took her a second to get this one right – Mrs. P makes her nervous)


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