Day 2 of Abandonment: Guess Where

You guys.

I don’t even have the strength for an exclamation mark today. MomFOD has been gone since yesterday morning. I am alone. I mean, I have Rocky, Niles, Mrs. P and Doodle. Oh, and DadFOD. But I am utterly alone.

Last night, I tried to snuggle DadFOD like I do MomFOD, but he just doesn’t get it. He petted me in reverse, left to right. Unthinkable. And look. Look at this:



DadFOD needs a chart so he can remember to do everything around here. I lose faith in his care taking skills as the minutes tick by. And do you know where MomFOD is? Do you?

I’ll let you guess. It’s 80 degrees there today. That’s your first clue.

I will persevere, here, under the couch, until she returns.