“Catghans” for Needy Kitties: Get One and Help Homeless Cats!

You guys!

A few months ago, I was contacted by a lovely lady named Kristen Verdeaux who wanted to send me my very own Catghan! Why? I wondered. What did I do to deserve this? Well, apparently two things:

1) I gave my blankey to Dot, the spina bifida kitty at Tabby’s Place

2) I came from Tree House.

You see, Kristen, many years ago, adopted one of her own kitties from Tree House. Later on, she started making these lovely little cat-sized blankets to give away to kitties in need. Now, I’m not in need, but Kristen said she was touched to see that I’d sent my blankey to Dot and wanted to do something nice for me. So I accepted! Check it out:

Catghan, modeled by me.

Catghan, modeled by me. Note the soft, comfy resting spot for my stump.

I had a little conversation with her to learn more about her catghans. Read further to find out how you can get a catghan of your own and help needy kitties in the process!

Crepes: Welcome, Kristen! Thank you for being here. Tell me, why do you make Catghans? 

KV: Why not?  Seriously!  It started as a joke. I used to make afghans for my friends for their birthdays and when I made one for my friend Linda, her cats took it over. So as a joke for Valentine’s day, I made little cats-sized blankets for her cats.  It just sort of snowballed from there – I started making them as “housewarming” presents for my friends who adopted new cats.  Then I read about this little cat in Florida named Stripy who had been shot in the face and I decided he needed one – this was the start of a friendship with Rowena Hover who cares for a feral colony.  One year, I sent her a dozen which she sold on Facebook and used the proceeds to buy cat food and medicine for the colony.

Crepes: Fascinating. Do you sell your catghans or do you always give them away? 

KV: Both.  Shortly after I “met” Stripy and Rowena, a friend recommended I read Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper.  Of course, Homer and his fur-sisters Vashti and Scarlett, had to have their own catghans – and that started my friendship with Gwen.  I’ve sent her several over the years and when she has posted them on her blog or FB, I ended up selling quite a few, always with part of the proceeds going to Blind Cat Rescue…  Also every spring I am on staff at a grooming show in NJ called Inter-Groom and there are always several rescue organizations there.  I plan ahead and each one gets five or six catghans to do with as they please.

I have two catghans: one in a pleasing maroon/gold; another in a contrasting yellow/purple, because those are my favorites.

I have two catghans: one in a pleasing maroon/gold; another in a contrasting yellow/purple, because those are my favorites.

Crepes: How many cats do you have now?

KV: Right now I am cat-less.  In 2002 I adopted a 3-year old Maine Coon, Beans, who passed away in 2006 from cardiac problems and a 6-year old orange tabby, Bud, who passed in 2009 from an infection in his heart after  an abscessed tooth.  Shortly after Bud passed, my partner was diagnosed with HP, a chronic lung disease that affects bird breeders (he has always has birds) and I have not wanted to risk getting another cat only to have to re-home it because of his lungs. So I live vicariously through all the kitties who have my catghans.

Crepes: Can rescues request catghans from you?


Crepes: But how do you choose who gets one of your catghans? 

KV: I just see stories about cats and “know.”  Sometimes someone does something nice for me and if I know they have a cat, I give them a blanket.  Or if they have a sick cat. Or a new cat. Or they just ask. I’m pretty much a soft touch.

Catghans, not just for cats.

Catghans, not just for cats.

Crepes: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

KV: You can let your readers know that from any orders I receive, I will donate $5 per catghan to Tree House in memory of Murphy and in honor of the two of you. Readers can also request a Catghan for Courage ,which I send free of charge to any cat in need (truly in need, like Stripy or Smudge [a kitty who was beaten with a bat]…).  Otherwise I usually ask $20 – $25, depending on the yarn and number of colors involved.
Wow! You guys! Donations to Tree House in my honor and in honor of Murphy? So cool! If you’d like a catghan, please get one immediately! You can contact Kristen via email at catghansATyahoo.com. Thanks, Kristen, for all you do to help comfort kitties!


PS. The winner of the Revitamal Giveaway is… …. … DEZI!  Dezi, please email me at crepesATcatinthefridge.com to claim your prize! I’ll collect some information from you and it will ship out from the company!  Thanks for entering, everyone!


***This post was not sponsored and was run because we like Kristen’s project and appreciate what she does for charity. The catghans were sent to us as a gift, with no requirement of review or posting.***

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Win Some Imperial Cat Scratch N’Bits for Your Favorite Rescue!

You Guys!

Serious business today, so I dressed for the occasion.

It's business time.

It’s business time.

Imperial Cat, a company known for their eco-friendly scratchers, contacted me to let me know about this program they’re doing. I agreed to share it with you if they were willing to give away one of their Scratch N’Bits packages to one winner’s favorite shelter or rescue! Here are the deets:

They have put together four packages of goodies for kitties, including scratchers of different sizes. The scratchers can be placed inside cages for adoptables to get their scratch on. You go to their site, choose your gift, and they’ll deliver it to your favorite rescue. The packages are between $25 – $30 and include free shipping in the continental US (sorry, Hawaii.) For Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat-Month, Imperial Cat has also introduced a box of catnip goodies for $30 to help shelter kitties get their nip on while they wait.

So here’s what we’re going to do!  You leave me a comment below telling me which rescue you’d like to see get a prize, and I will draw one (1) lucky name using Random.org whose rescue will receive the Small Scratch n’Bits package that includes 20-24 scratchers of various small styles. Hurray!

The Prize.

The Prize.

Entries start now and will run through Saturday, June 21, 2014 11:59 pm. I’ll draw a winner and announce it on Monday, June 23rd! Leave a comment to help your favorite shelter get their scratch on!




***FTC Disclaimer: We were not compensated for this post, except for the giveaway to a rescue. All opinions are our own.***