Happy New Year!

Dear Everyone,

Thank you so much for being a wonderful reader and friend! I will try very hard to make 2014 even more successful than 2013 so that we can help more special needs pets find their happy homes. I have appreciated each comment, each visit, and each share. Your friendship and desire to read what I write means more than I can express in words. Happy New Year to everyone!

Happy New Year CITFPS  Here’s a little video I did that contains fireworks. Please enjoy.


Also, as a tiny side note, today’s MomFOD’s birthday. So, Happy Birthday MomFOD! You’ll always be older than me and you can’t ever change that! – Crepes.

Monday Funday: Crepes’ Harlem Shake!

Hi, Everyone!

I’ve been pretty busy lately but I’ve noticed this big trend of Harlem Shake videos all over YouTube.  I found a few minutes to sit down and watch a little bit of a lot of  the most popular ones out there and decided I could do one myself! So, although it’s a little late in the trend, here is my version of the Harlem Shake!

harlem s hake

Me Doing the Harlem Shake

What do you think? Be honest! I can’t grow as a filmmaker unless you’re honest. Really, brutally honest.

I Need A Valentine (Herpes +)

crepes valentine

Help me find my Valentine!

Everyone! I almost forgot that it’s Valentine’s Day in 2 days, and I don’t have a valentine! So, here’s what I was thinking: Maybe you all can send me your photos and the one I think is cutest can be my Valentine! The winner gets a lovey dovey photo of me and him together (Photoshopped, of course, since I can’t afford a plane ticket)!

Here’s what I’m looking for:


-I like stripes but I like spots, too or solid colors. I’m not picky.

-missing feet, tail, or eyes ok

-likes listening to the Walking Dead , laser pointers, and milk rings

-Doesn’t have to be a cat! I’m super accepting. No snakes. (I had a relationship with a snake once. It didn’t end well.)

-Herpes + (or brave, courageous non-herpes animals)

So, let me explain the herpes +, for those of you who don’t know. Kitties that have herpes can sometimes seem like they have a cold. It makes us sniffle and cough. It can also bring on eye infections during stressful situations, like moving or introducing a new kitty. It’s easily controlled with l-lysine sprinkled into our food. In fact, I don’t even need to take anything because mom feeds me such a healthy diet of raw food, with occasional treats of goats milk and freeze dried fish, that my immune system is great! When I was a kitten, they said I’d probably always sniffle, but it’s not true. I got completely better. Most cats have herpes anyway, even if you can’t see symptoms, so usually it’s not a big deal. But, being a conscientious kitty, I felt like it was my social duty to put that out there.

So start sending those photos to catinthefridge(at)alanagrelyak(dot)com !

….and VOTE FOR CATALOGUE until February 28th.