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Hi, Everyone! I’m so excited because today marks the first ever of a series of interviews that I’m publishing about special needs kitties, where you’ll get to learn more about the day to day lives of kitties just like me that have overcome physical hardships but managed to find amazing homes with good-hearted people.

Today at Cat In The Fridge we have Odin, one of the stars of the popular blog that’s run by his mom Layla Morgan Wilde. He’s here to talk about what it’s like to live life with a single eye. Without further ado, enjoy!

Odin, the Winking Kitty

Odin chilling out and reading

Crepes (C): Thank you for being here, Odin! You, like me, are a special needs kitty. Tell me, in what ways are your needs special?

Odin (O): Hello, Crepes and purrs to Miss Alana. When people say I’m a special needs kitty, I don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s true I only have one eye, but I lost it when I was four months old and don’t know any different. Actually, I didn’t lose it like the catnip toy behind the fridge but my left eye ballooned to freakish proportions from an infection and surgical removal was the only option. This happened before I was adopted and was living on the mean streets of the Bronx.

C: Goodness, that sounds scary. I, too, came from the streets and understand. Do you feel like your missing eye makes you different from other kitties?

O: No, not different but special, unique. I am a survivor and lucky statistic. When people first meet me or see photos of me, they think I’m winking. I think it’s kind of sexy, don’t you?

C: Oh, goodness. ::giggles: Maybe a bit… eh hem… moving on. Are there any negatives to the condition that you live with?

O: None whatsoever. You’d think my peripheral vision or balance might be affected but I climb, navigate any surface, and hunt like a champ.

C: Do you think there are any positives?

O: Being a spokescat for the joys of adopting needs cats is cool.

C: How do your parents feel about it?

O: My dad never even notices and my mom, who notices everything, thinks it adds character to my face. If i were any more handsome, I’d be insufferable.

C: Do you live indoors or outdoors?

O: I’m lucky to enjoy the best of both worlds. I have a large private garden where I enjoy agility training and supervised walks. Indoors, I have the run of a three-story house. I’m a very athletic and energetic cat who needs lots of stimulation and play.

C: And what about your relationship with other cats? Do you find that your special need causes hardship in the way that you’re treated by your peers?

O: Never. Cats are far less judgmental than humans.

C: I agree with you. Except when it comes to my sister Peabody. She’s pretty judgmental. Not me, though. I’m very accepting. How many other animals do you live with?

O: I live with three fur bros, Merlin, Gris Gris, and Domino. Merlin is blind and can’t see me but can smell me a mile away. Gris Gris and I play cat and mouse but my best pal is Domino who loves wrestling with me. I nap with all of them but not usually at the same time.

C: How did you find your parents?

O: You can call me a failed foster.

C: Really? I was a foster fail, too! My FODs fostered me and failed to give me back. Please continue.

O: After Merlin’s sister died, he was all alone and so bereft, my pawrents decided to foster. They weren’t going to foster two cats but once they saw me and Gris Gris at the shelter, they couldn’t resist. Gris Gris had been in a tiny room for over a year and was desperate to get out. I was still a cute kitten of five months and adorable. the rest is history. Merlin adjusted happily in a nano-second. Humans sometimes make good decisions.

C: Are there any other things you want people to know about you?

O: You can’t tell a book by its cover. I may have had a rough start in life but it didn’t defeat or define me. Not only am I handsome, talented and modest, I inspire my mom daily. I help her by testing cat-related products to review and sometimes I review cat books. I like heights, snuggling, mousing, treats and well, I like just about everything. Life is good.


There you have it, everyone!  My first special needs interview! What did you think? Do you have a question for Odin that I didn’t cover? Let me know! And don’t forget to stop by to say hello to Odin if you have a chance.

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Odin Cat Wisdom 101

Odin with his mom Layla Morgan Wilde and Jackson Galaxy! Wow, he’s so cool!!

Help Animals Avoid Gas

Hello, everyone.

First of all, from the title, you might think I’m talking about helping animals avoid being a bit fragrant while they’re sitting on the couch next to you. I’m afraid, if that’s your problem, you probably have a dog and there’s nothing I can do to help you.

What I wanted to do is send out a note because I’m concerned about this whole gas chamber issue. PETA is attempting to collect 100,000 signatures to pass to President Obama on February 18th, to ban gas chamber use on animals. I don’t normally want my posts to be sad ones, but this is important to me, and I think you should know about it. I will warn you that it’s not as happy as the info found on my site, which is the case with most sites, really, but it’s worth stopping in to sign the petition. They still need a lot of signatures, and they already have mine! So join me in helping to ban this sad practice!

ALSO, I’m still looking for my valentine and so far, the photos that have been sent in have made me a little teary, and possibly, maybe, perhaps not in a good way. So send those photos of your handsome fellas over to me before I have to go on a date with myself tomorrow.

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crepes valentine

Help me find my Valentine before Tomorrow!

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I Need A Valentine (Herpes +)

crepes valentine

Help me find my Valentine!

Everyone! I almost forgot that it’s Valentine’s Day in 2 days, and I don’t have a valentine! So, here’s what I was thinking: Maybe you all can send me your photos and the one I think is cutest can be my Valentine! The winner gets a lovey dovey photo of me and him together (Photoshopped, of course, since I can’t afford a plane ticket)!

Here’s what I’m looking for:


-I like stripes but I like spots, too or solid colors. I’m not picky.

-missing feet, tail, or eyes ok

-likes listening to the Walking Dead , laser pointers, and milk rings

-Doesn’t have to be a cat! I’m super accepting. No snakes. (I had a relationship with a snake once. It didn’t end well.)

-Herpes + (or brave, courageous non-herpes animals)

So, let me explain the herpes +, for those of you who don’t know. Kitties that have herpes can sometimes seem like they have a cold. It makes us sniffle and cough. It can also bring on eye infections during stressful situations, like moving or introducing a new kitty. It’s easily controlled with l-lysine sprinkled into our food. In fact, I don’t even need to take anything because mom feeds me such a healthy diet of raw food, with occasional treats of goats milk and freeze dried fish, that my immune system is great! When I was a kitten, they said I’d probably always sniffle, but it’s not true. I got completely better. Most cats have herpes anyway, even if you can’t see symptoms, so usually it’s not a big deal. But, being a conscientious kitty, I felt like it was my social duty to put that out there.

So start sending those photos to catinthefridge(at)alanagrelyak(dot)com !

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