Bachelor of the Week: Rainier, the Sequel!

You guys!

Sad news. One of our very first bachelors, Rainier Park, was adopted but unfortunately was recently returned due to the severe allergies of his adopter. Alas, this fellow is back on the market!

Rainier Park

“Oh, hey there. Are you looking for love? Cuz I have some to give.” – Rainier Park.

Rainier was rescued from a forest preserve in Des Plaines, Illinois along with nine other kitties. Rainier is now around three years old and is a super “love bug,” as his caregivers at Cat Guardians have said.

Rainier loves to play in the sink and snuggle a whole bunch. He loves other kitties and would be happy to join your already established family. Rainier has a small eye condition which was fixed through surgery, but he still requires daily drops/ointment to keep his eye comfortable. But really, who DOESN’T require some sort of ointment to make their days a little brighter, eh?

As rarely happens, MomFOD and I actually got to meet Rainier one day and he’s lovely little fellow. Very huggable. No lie.

If you’d like to meet Rainier, please contact Dawn at Cat Guardians. He’s currently suffering from a broken heart and needs to get back on the horse! (Horses, if you’re interested in adopting Rainier, please have your human call. Thanks.)



Me, mom FOD, and Rainier that one time we met.

Me, mom FOD, and Rainier that one time we met.

Washing up for his future date with you

Washing up for his future date with you

I told you he likes to hug.

I told you he likes to hug.



My Favorite Bachelor/ettes of 2013

Now, keep in mind these aren’t my favorite cats or dogs. I love them all equally. Except that one, but I won’t mention any names. Again, I don’t want to toot my own horn or scale my own fish as the French say, so here’s MomFOD to present the most interesting bachelors of 2013! Take it, MomFOD!

Alana: Thank you, Crepes. By the way, I don’t think the French say that.

Crepes: How do you know? Do you speak French?

Alana: A few words but –

Crepes: But not ALL the words, correct?

Alana: No, not all the words.

Crepes: So then, you wouldn’t, in fact, know if SOME of those words were the words I mentioned earlier, would you?

Alana: That’s true, Crepes.

Crepes: I rest my case!

Alana: Moving on, we have chosen some of the most entertaining bachelor/ette posts from this year. Some of them are still available for adoption and some have been chosen into a good home! Please enjoy our-

Crepes: DRRDDrdrhbbbdbdadbdRDrdadrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Alana: Drum roll?

Crepes: Yup.

Alana: Of course. Please enjoy our recap of the Most Interesting Bachelor/ettes of 2013!

No. 5 : Sylvia of Tabby’s Place – Special Need: HCM – Sylvia is a real trooper. She has a lovely little face and many wonderful qualities. She also has a great caption writer.

"I kick HCM's butt!"

“I kick HCM’s butt!”

No. 4: Cannelloni of Tree House – Special Need: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – ADOPTED! This little guy was adopted, but his profile was so tasty, we couldn’t resist adding it to our list.

Watching as the marinara begins to drizzle into his soft coat

Watching as the marinara begins to drizzle into his soft coat

No. 3: Adam of Tabby’s Place – Special Need: Read all about it! – Adam is a lovely little guy and would have already found his home if not for his tiny little, barely noticeable, hardly problematic issue.

tabby's place

Exciting, playful, incontinent, tender, and adorable Adam.

No. 2: Bailey of Cat Guardians – Special Need: Emotional Issues, FIV, and an Insatiable Desire to Make You Coffee – Bailey is a cat of many talents.

Why not leave Santa some cookies and Bailey?

Why not leave Santa some cookies and Bailey?

No. 1: D’Artagnan of Tabby’s Place – Special Need: Paraplegic – ADOPTED! We couldn’t leave this guy off the list. He was our very first bachelor and is a wonderful success story that gives us hope for all our little singles!


How Handsome! How Regal!


Bachelors of the Week: Jade and Jasper!

Sometimes, cats aren’t social creatures. I know. Shocker. But it happens. It might be because of the start they got in life, far removed from the cuddles of people, or maybe because you kept talking and they couldn’t nap for that 17th hour of the day.  The story of Jasper and Jade is a case of the former. Trapped by a TNR group and brought to Cat Guardians by a volunteer, Jasper and Jade have made tremendous strides in their people skills. In fact, you’d practically think they ARE people now, like little Eliza Doolittles.
Jade in his lion's den. But it's really more like a ranch-style house den and he's ready for a family.

Jade in his lion’s den. But it’s really more like a ranch-style house den and he’s ready for a family.

"Oh, oh hey guys. Um... nothing to see here. Just take my food and move along. "

“Oh, oh hey guys. Um… nothing to see here. Just take my food and move along. ” – Jasper.

After noticing that, amidst the hissing and swatting, Jasper and Jade knew how to slow blink, Cat Guardians took them in and gave them a chance.  Jade, named for a precious stone with strong energy associations, went from knocking food from people’s hands to enjoying the biography of Steve Jobs and being used as a nap-time pillow. Jasper, also named for a precious, high-energy stone, used to let cats steal his food because he was too afraid of retaliation to fight back. Now, though, well, he still lets other cats take his food, but we’ll just call him generous and move on.
Both of these guys have come a long way and are now looking for a home.  They don’t have to be adopted together, but they certainly can be. Jade, 3 years old, is FIV+ and Jasper, two, is not. I thought I’d showcase you a two for one this week. Why not? It’s almost Christmas.  Call Cat Guardians to meet these two fabulous felines! Go! Now!
Jade in his well- known "turkey series."

Jade in his well- known “turkey series.”

Jasper looking for love... but is it in all the right places?

Jasper looking for love… but is it in all the right places?


PS. It seems I forgot to put Bailey on the front page last week. Therefore, you’ll be getting a “bonus bachelor” on the right hand side to enjoy all week long!