A Few Products I Like That Support Rescue

You Guys!

Every once in awhile  I come across a couple of things I enjoy and want to share with you. No reviews, no giveaways, no payments. Just stuff I like. Today’s items and events all support rescue and the health of your kitties. Let’s look!

NO. 1 Purrfectplay Pet Toys

Me with my bag of balls.

Me with my bag of balls.

Number 1 is this fabulous new toy I have. I am super into these right now. They are called “The Wooly Dust Bunnies.” Sounds like a band, I know, but in reality they’re these little puffs made from organic Midwestern wool. If you know anything about the Midwest, it’s that it gets cold and our sheep are required to grow fabulous coats. Sometimes they bedazzle them. True story. Anyway, they lady who makes these, Pamela, told us they are totally natural because she does not want any pets taking anything into their mouths that has plastic, toxins, or lead within. I like her attitude. They also make mice, catnip toys, and dog toys. And, best of all, they donate 5% of EVERY SALE (not just from profits) to rescue. FAB. Purrfectplay toys are as natural as they come, are made by a very small venture in Indiana, and can be found at Purrfectplay.com  

Me taking a real big sniff of sheep ball. Ahhh.

Me taking a real big sniff of sheep ball. Ahhh.


There's Louie. As always.

There’s Louie. As always.

No. 2 Goody’s Winebulance Shirt

Next, I’d like to share my friend Goody’s Winebulance t-shirt.

Winebulance Masterpiece

Winebulance Masterpiece


Do you love cats? Do you love wine? Then this may be the shirt for you. Monsieur Goody is a cat I met who lives in France with him mama Fro, who rescues kittens and lives the life of an artist, doing cool things like eating baguettes and picking apples.  Goody has his own social media following and is a lovely, interactive little cat with a happy attitude who loves to chat.  (Chat…see what I did there? EH?)  Fro told us that a whopping 50% of all the things she sells from her Winebulance and Bistro items line goes to their local rescues. So generous!

Goody and his Winebulance masterpiece

Goody and his Winebulance masterpiece

You can see Goody’s Winebulance shirt and other items here.  And don’t forget to friend him on Facebook!

(Update: The Winebulance idea was invented by a lovely fellow in the UK named Andy. He has a wine club and actually ships the wine from all over the world straight to you, if you live in England! If you want to check out all the amazing quaffs he has, you can visit him here! And speaking of quaffs…)


 No. 3 – Quaff for Cats

And finally… this one’s  for Chicago peeps or peeps willing to travel, though if you don’t live in Illinois, you can definitely still donate or purchase a ticket and give it away!

Cat Guardians in Lombard, IL is having a “Quaff for Cats.” (Read: drink things.)  If you love to quaff, come get in on the action!  Quaff tickets are cheaper when you purchase them prior to the quaff, so plan ahead. A planned quaff is a happy quaff. Also, don’t quaff and drive. Quaff.


That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this edition of things I think are cool that are helping rescue.



PS. As a quick update to us, we still haven’t moved. In fact, we are now delayed because good old MomFOD sprained her ankle and couldn’t finish her house projects. Even with three legs, I’m more graceful than her. Anyway, updates coming soon!

**FTC Disclosure: No part of this post was sponsored. These are just things we like.**

Bachelor of the Week: Gomez! – ADOPTED!

Today, dear readers, I bring you a man of mystery, a man of darkness, and man of playful FIV positivity!

Gomez, man of lots of things you'll have to discover on your own.

Gomez, man of lots of things you’ll have to discover on your own because he’s too mysterious to tell me.

World, meet Gomez. This two year old package of awesome is an active fellow. He loves to run, jump, and play. What I’m saying is that he’d rather act out the Addams Family with you than watch it on TV, know what I mean?

Gomez loves people, romantic runs around your dining room table, and being stared at adoringly. He’s a bit of a rough player, so he’s not really into a home with young children, but older kids are just fine. He gets along ok with other kitties, but he can be a bit of a rough player, so sensitive souls aren’t recommended. He would also do well as an only cat. The possibilities are just endless with Gomez!

If you didn’t catch my drift earlier, Gomez is FIV positive, but he’s not too concerned about it and, as we people are learning more and more, you don’t need to be either. With regular veterinary check ups and a healthy diet, Gomez will lead a long, happy life, just like other kitties.

If you’d like to meet Gomez, check out his page at Cat Guardians in Lombard, IL today!

Like a shadow, but with a string.

Like a shadow, but with a string.

This is Gomez's tummy. Just in case you needed further enticement.

This is Gomez’s tummy. Just in case you needed further enticement. You know you want to touch it.




Bachelorette of the Week: Sinder!- ADOPTED

You guys!

Today, I want you to meet someone, but before I introduce her, I want you to play this (it’s 3 seconds long):

Excellent. Now that you have the Killer Instinct (one of my favorite 1990’s video games) character shout out in your head, please use that every time I use this kitty’s name.

Meet Sinder! (cue video game voice)

Sinder. She's more like a gently warming heating pad, but that's not a good name.

Sinder. She’s more like a Gently Warming Heating Pad, but that’s not a good name.

Now, I’ve heard that if there’s one word to describe SINDER (you know what to do), it’s mellow. She’s apparently quiet and polite, nothing like her video game alter ego. In fact, she’s entirely unable to launch fireballs from her fist or set you on fire, both excellent qualities in a cat. Her previous owner lost his home (due to no fault of Sinder) and she was surrendered to Cat Guardians in Lombard, IL along with her housemate Cleo (there was no Cleo in Killer Instinct, sorry.)

Sinder is very peaceful and gentle. She loves to sit on your lap and keep it gently warmed, not lava hot as her name might imply, and she loves to cuddle in bed. Sinder’s special issue is that she’s 11 years old and has some thyroid problems, but you can work with the rescue to learn how to manage them.

If you’d like to meet Sinder (cue the voice,) contact Cat Guardians immediately!

Hurry! Sinder needs a lap!

Look. She's glowing with love. And heat.

Look. She’s glowing with love. And heat.




PS. If you haven’t already entered, get over to CatWisdom101.com (you have until Sept.22) to enter the CATastrophes t-shirt and puss tote giveaway!