Tripawds: A Community For Those With Three Paws or Fewer

You guys!

Today, I want to introduce you to a wonderful community that you may not have heard of. It’s called Tripawds, and it gives people who are living with amputee pets a place to chat, share their stories, and receive support. We have with us Rene, one of the founders of Tripawds, and she’ll be answering my questions.

Tripawds Three Legged Dog Heroes

Hey…is something missing? NOPE! (Photo courtesy of

C: Welcome, Rene!  Tell us a little bit about TriPawds. What, exactly, is it for someone
who’s never seen it?

Rene: Tripawds is a support community for humans whose cats and dogs are facing amputation. It’s also a great place to research what life is like on three legs if you’re thinking of adopting a three-legged friend!

C: And how long have you been around?

R: Since 2006, we’ve been providing trustworthy and helpful information about life on three legs. Members come here to participate in discussions about pet health, comfort and mobility. We talk about things like:

– Coping with a cancer diagnosis in dogs & cats.
– The ups & downs of amputation recovery & ongoing care.
– Rehabilitation therapy tips for keeping pets healthy & strong.
– Diet, nutrition & supplements for dogs & cats in all health stages.
– Providing an exceptional quality of life for all animal companions.
– Helping people cope with the loss of beloved pets.

This is Jerry. He’s the inspiration behind Tripawds.

C: I know that many of your members start blogs about their three-legged pets. Do you have to have a blog to be a part of the community?

R: Oh gosh not at all. You can jump right into our Discussion Forums (, hang out in our live chat room or just hang out and read about others’ experience.

C: What percentage of your membership is made up of cats?
R: Well it’s funny you ask, because cats have recently started having a bigger role in the Tripawds Nation!

C: As it should be. Continue.

R: Right now only about 25 percent of our active members are felines but that number is growing all the time. I think more people are realizing that cats can have great lives on three legs, which is pawesome!

C: I can’t imagine why they would think otherwise. I, for instance, fly around the house like a rocket ship.

R: One thing we’ve learned is that Tripawd kitties bounce back so much faster than dogs do after surgery! And they have a much easier time on three legs too. But ssssh! Don’t tell our canine friends I said that!

C: I will shout it from the rooftops. What do you think brought about this rise of cats?

R: Tripawds began as a dog-centric community, but just about a year ago, one brave kitty (see Fang’s story at jumped in, shared his story and that was that! Suddenly over the last year we’ve had many more cats join us, and it’s been so enlightening and FUN!

C: Are you doing anything special for the cat constituency?

R: We are undergoing an exciting site makeover later this year and the overall look will be very cross-species in response to our new feline family!

My stump.

My stump. Dainty, no?

C: Do you have any other pets besides cats and dogs that are involved? Notice how I put cats first.

R: No, but we’ve discussed Tripawd rabbits, a goat, hamster and even a turtle! Tripawd awareness is growing, more and more humans are seeing that it’s not always a death sentence if an animal loses a limb. And with prosthesis technology growing by leaps and bounds, even more animals will get to have longer lives now! Hopefully more species who are in this tough predicament will get the opportunity to have a good life on three legs.

C: What do you hope for members to accomplish when they join your website?

R: Most people join us during the research phase of learning more about amputation as a possibility for a better quality of life. We want everyone who joins to feel supported, respected and valued no matter what they decide to do. Members are always welcome to stick around if they don’t proceed with amputation, especially if they’re coping with cancer.

Amputation isn’t right for every animal, but you never know if it’s a pawsibility unless you do the research. Our goal is to give people the accurate, helpful information they need to make the best choice for their pet, whether that’s to proceed with amputation, limb-sparing surgery, prostheses or palliative (pain-management) end-of-life care. If they do proceed with surgery, we want them to have the tools to give their animal the best quality of life possible for their unique situation.

C: For those who aren’t already lucky enough to have one, tell us what the best thing is about living with a tripawd?

R: The inspawration! Seeing how resilient animals are when facing such a tough situation is all that we silly humans need to stop our own pity party when we feel down about some life challenge. The way Tripawds bounce back and face life head on is a lesson that you always take with you.

C: Do you have any further words for our readers?

R: The next time you or someone you know feels sorry for an animal on three legs, please don’t! Remember, they are so much stronger than we give them credit for. Animals don’t care they’re missing a leg, they just want to make the most of every single day and live life to the fullest. It’s a great way for us to live our own lives.

C: Thank you, Rene!


There it is! Some information about a community for cats like me. In fact, I might pop on there and see if I can check out a few of the mancat photos and compare stump sizes. If you’re interested, Tripawds has a Cafepress page where you can get some three-legged kitty t shirts to help support the community.

And, in case you missed it, MomFOD did an interview with Tripawds about what it’s like to live with ME. Have a listen.



The Pet Loving Community and What It Means To Me

Alana here today.

As you may have noted from Crepes’ whining, I’ve been away for the last two weeks. One was a leisure trip to, once again, Disney World. However, this time it was with my mom, which makes it a totally different kind of ok than my last trip there. The next week, I was at BlogPaws. For those not in the know, BlogPaws is an organization that supports the pet blogging community and once a year puts together a conference and awards.

Oh look. Kittens.

Oh look. Kittens. At BlogPaws. Also, they’ll be adoptable soon. Just an FYI.

This year’s BlogPaws was in Las Vegas, just outside of the strip at a beautiful location in the desert. There was sunshine, there was kayaking, and best of all, there was an amazing community of people. You see, sometimes I feel a little bit down about the world. I feel sad at all the photos I see online of kitties and pups being abandoned. It hurts me (and I’m sure you) to look at countless photographs of animals that are “about to be euthanized” and need rescuing. The pictures of the abused are even worse. Top that all off with the issues we humans are having with each other plus the uncomfortable topic of climate change, and it’s enough to make one want to hide in bed for months on end.

Going to BlogPaws, however, is rather refreshing. Yes, the kayaking and the pool were great, and I also came away with a fine tan, but what I found most poignant was the community of people that chooses to gather there each year. It is a collection of writers, rescuers, and pet lovers, many of which want nothing more than to do good for this world. It’s true that some people are there to learn how to monetize their blog, but beyond that, so many people are there because they want to discuss how they can help. I attended a Be The Change session lead by Caroline Golon and witnessed first hand a group of people coming together to exchange ideas and brainstorm about each others’ problems.

Shawn from Kitty Bungalow and me at the Nose to Nose awards. It was dark in there.

Shawn from Kitty Bungalow and me at the Nose to Nose awards. It was dark in there.

I spent time with Kitty Bungalow’s Charm School for Wayward Cats and was renewed by their Headmistress’ energy and enthusiasm for saving feral kittens in a way that brings humor and lightness to an otherwise serious endeavor. I had some long conversations with my friend from Tree House and noted that he really is passionate about his job, that it’s not just a job but a way to help the community and many, many homeless cats. After attending a session that focused on reaching a wider audience, I was pleased to find out that the co-founder of Nebo, a web development agency, was not only an expert willing to give us advice, but a real, compassionate, human being who loves animals, too. I even learned how to bottle feed kittens, a task that everyone should undertake at least once so they can feel the little paw pushing on their finger as they try to get just a bit more milk from the bottle.

Milk Mustache!

Milk Mustache!

Also, I dressed a kitten in a mariachi outfit and made him a guitar from pipe cleaners along with my cohorts from Kitty Bungalow and Tree House.  (Read about his meteoric fall from grace in the Kitty Bungalow Blog.)

Juan Lopez, lead singer of Juan Direction and loser of the BlogPaws fashion awards. A meteoric rise to fame and fall, all in five minutes.

Juan Lopez, lead singer of Juan Direction and loser of the BlogPaws fashion awards. A meteoric rise to fame and fall, all in five minutes.

Overall, my experience there was a positive one. In fact, I really didn’t have a bad moment, except when I didn’t take home the coveted Best Special Causes Blog award (maybe next year), but I recovered quickly when my name was called for the Best Blog Video award for our CATastrophes project. I reconnected with friends that I’d already made at past BlogPaws and online, and I met new friends that I didn’t know existed before. The community of like-minded individuals made me remember that even in this world of so much despair, there really are good people out there, and that’s something that I need to remind myself of every day.

Kitten Selfie!

Kitten Selfie!

If you are reading this blog, then you’re part of our community, and I encourage you to look to your friends and colleagues here whenever you need a reminder that the world still does, indeed, contain lots of goodness that we, together, can cultivate and grow.



PS. Crepes is REALLY happy I’m home.

Me and our highly-appreciated Best Video Award.

Me and our highly-appreciated Best Video Award.