Bachelor of the Week: Moon Shadow!

Hello, World!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the one, the only, Moon Shadow! :: insert applause and whisker twitches here::

Moon Shadow: The Invincible.

He doesn’t always dangle his paw, but when he does, he looks really, really cool.

Moon Shadow is a adult black cat who slinks about the house in the most elegant of ways. He also loves to regale the world with his wonderful breath. True story. See below. Haaaaaaaaa…..

Moon Shadow was adopted a few years ago but returned due to differences he had with the other resident cat. He likes head rubs, laser pointers, and sitting in your lap. He also enjoys taking insulin shots to control his rather minor case of the diabetes. Do you have space in your lap for Moon Shadow?

YOU DO????? (Yes, I’m looking at YOU.)

Then contact Save A Pet IL today and tell them you’re in! MS is available for adoption or permanent foster, where SavAPetIL will pay for his medical bills in case you are unable. What a deal!

Freshening the world with his breath.

Freshening the world with his breath. Haaaaaaaa…

Workin' it as a tail model.

Workin’ it as a tail model.




Bachelor of the Week: Midnight Saturn!

You guys!

Perhaps you’ve noticed thatI haven’t been around much recently. I’m not saying why, I’m just saying that I’ve noticed, too. But I’m here now to continue a trend in inter-galactic cats. Today, I bring you Midnight Saturn!

Midnight Saturn3

There is more here than meets the eye.

Now, looking carefully at that photo, you may think that he is, in fact, made entirely of dark matter. This is not the case, for, if you look closely you can see some stardust in his ears and some wonderful green star birthing grounds right there in the middle.

Midnight Saturn left his galaxy when his guardian passed away into another existence. While there, he’d been co-mingling with twenty-two other galaxies (cats) and didn’t get a lot of personal attention. He prefers his petting and loving to happen when you’re on the same level such as when you’re both on the floor, or both at eye-level, or both somewhere in the third ring of Saturn.

He does well with other cats. In fact, he has one that he crashed into recently and they seem to have melded into an irregular galaxy pattern.

Roma and Midnight Saturn - the new thing in galaxies

Roma and Midnight Saturn – the new thing in galaxies

There aren’t any particular special health needs about this boy except that he’s black, which makes him harder to adopt, and that he also was already adopted and returned because he didn’t like to get inside his carrier for trips to the vet. I won’t even touch that one, but I’m sure a few readers may have some comments about that reason for surrender.

If you’d like to meet Midnight Saturn and bring him into your world, contact Save A Pet IL today. Hurry!  Before he drifts away to distant reaches of the universe! (Also, Roma could use a solid home, too.)

The two galaxies meld further into one.

The two galaxies meld further into one.

All dressed up .... and waiting for YOU.

All dressed up …. and waiting for YOU.



Meet Magic Kevin (Hemingway) -Adoptable from Chicago Cat Rescue

You guys!

Remember the film we released Friday called Lucky CATastrophe? First of all, thank you to everyone who watched and shared. It was our best first release date ever!

Hemingway as Magic Kevin

Hemingway as Magic Kevin

In a follow up to that, we did a short piece introducing Magic Kevin, played by Hemingway, a black cat who is adoptable from Chicago Cat Rescue along with his orange buddy Fitz. He’s been waiting for his home for almost a year and we’re hoping that just the right family will step up for this little guy.

Here he is!



And if you haven’t seen the original film, you can watch it here: