Bachelorette of the Week: Patches!

Update: It sounds like Patches will be permanently cared for by her foster family! But she still needs some sponsors to help. Read on!

Dear world,

Earlier this week, I brought you a film about Senior pets.  Today, I bring you a senior named Patches.



This dear girl spent 19 (that’s right) years in a home that was suddenly no longer able to keep her. Although I don’t have the reasons behind it, my heart can only rest believing that it was because her human could no longer care for herself or some other equally justifiable reason for letting this dear girl go at such a golden age.

Patches has a touch of arthritis and is on thyroid medications. She’s also got the occasional upset tummy, but she’s also old enough to vote, so that counts for something. Currently, Patches is being cared for by a generous, loving foster family with the support of Tabby’s Place in Ringoes, New Jersey, and it sounds like she may be able to stay. Patches is very optimistic.

If you think you could give a bit of extra money and you’d like to help support her financially, you may do so here. She could use a little help with her medical bills. She’s on a fixed income at this point and Caticare isn’t really covering it.

Let’s all send purrs of comfort to Patches. Even though her little body is still doing well, we’re sure her heart could use a little healing.

"Is that my new home coming to get me?" - Patches.

“Is that my new home coming to get me?” – Patches.

Patches sure loves boxes.

Patches sure loves boxes.



Bachelorette of the Week: Adelaide!

Come one, come all to the meeting of Adelaide!

The one, the only: Adelaide.

The one, the only: Adelaide.

Ms. Adelaide Rosenburg is a bit of everything: a bit of tortie, a bit of tabby, a bit of calico. She’s what’s known as a torbie, a true lady of many cultures. Adelaide joined the team at Tabby’s Place just this summer after wandering for a bit in the outside world. Now in her senior years, Adelaide is looking to settle down in a home with a lot of cats to love and people to snuggle. Her attitude is one of joy and positivity, and so is her FIV status. But she doesn’t care, because she’s just a happy, happy girl.

Some might think that Addy, as she’s called by her friends, should have a lot to complain about, but Addy doesn’t think so, and that’s what really matters. She has had some problems with inflammation that went untreated during her years outside, and that caused her a severe case of stomatitis, which she’s currently conversing with politely. I say “conversing” rather than “struggling” because it seems that Addy’s attitude doesn’t allow her to be rude to anything, even a painful condition that required the removal of most of her teeth.

If you would like to meet this little five-pound bundle of joy, contact Tabby’s Place today. If you’d like to donate to her care, you can do so here and be certain of the fact that she’s dancing to a soft little tune in her head, and making biscuits for you, her sponsor. She never runs out of biscuits. She’s just great like that.

I have no teeth? That's ok, I didn't need them anyway.

“I have no teeth? That’s ok. I don’t need teeth to smile.” – Addy.

"Oh, is that a spot on your lap? Can I make biscuits there?" - Addy.

“Oh, is that a spot on your lap? Can I make biscuits there?” – Addy.

Lovely photos provided by Tabby’s Place.



Bachelorette of the Week: Snowball!

Today, I celebrate the frozen tundra of Chicago in July by introducing you to….


The one-eyed, the only-eyed, Snowball!!!

The one-eyed, the only-eyed, Snowball!!!

Snowball was raised in a home with, shall we say, too many cats. While there, an untreated eye infection lead to the loss of her eye, but the gain of an incredible, perpetually winking face! Look at how sassy she looks!

Rescued along with her brother Sunshine (something we don’t get enough of in Chicago) and her sister Snooki (something they seem to have too much of in New Jersey), Sunshine wouldn’t mind being your one and only, but she’ll also go along happily if you choose to adopt one or both of her sisters. She would prefer a nice, calm, safe home to complement her loving, trusting nature and very gentle spirit. She also has FIV. Not a big deal, though. She’s cool with her status.

If you’d like to meet Snowball and bring a refreshing blast of cool, gentle air (how’s that for a juxtaposition? Think about it…) into your home, contact Feral Fixers immediately!  Hurry, before Snowball melts….your heart with her endearing wink!

I can see where she got the name "Snowball." Am I right!?

I can see where she got the name “Snowball.” Am I right!?

"Hey there, good looking. Are you looking at me?" - Snowball.

“Hey there, good looking. Are you looking at me?” – Snowball.




Bachelorette of the Week: Tabitha!

You Guys!

I know you’re excited that I’m about to announce this week’s Bachelorette, but please hold your applause because she might run away. Instead, burst with joy inwardly. Also, whisper. And, um, leave the kids at home.

May I gently present to you… TABITHA!

HURRAY! Shhhh...

HURRAY! Shhhh…

::insert silent screams of elation here:::

Tabitha grew up in an alley, but not a cool Alley like the kids in Chicago here visit to buy leather jackets. It was a mean alley, filled with garbage cans and things kitties don’t want on their fur. At six months of age, this lovely lady was rescued, but she remains steadfast in her survival skills. She loves to be petted, but gently, with a soothing voice.

HOWEVER: She LOVES other cats!  Do you have a kitty who you feel needs a companion? Then Tabitha is your lady! Think about it: a bit of wet food, you, Tabitha, a gentle CD of relaxing music, and your other kitty, all enjoying an evening of petting (slowly) and love (quietly.)

What do you think? Does she fit your needs? Great! Then call Save a Pet IL today and get this senior lady into your home ASAP, but slowly. Very slowly.

Tabitha feels NOTHING for flowers. Nothing.

Tabitha feels NOTHING for flowers. Nothing.

She can see you...but she doesn't want to hear you, Capisce?

She can see you…but she doesn’t want to hear you, Capisce?

Always let sleeping Tabitha's lie.

Always let sleeping Tabithas lie.