Meowsterpiece Tuesday: The Stove

You Guys!

I like to consider myself an actor/director.

I helped out behind the scenes on this one.

Have you ever wondered why your cats put things under the stove? YOU HAVE? Then this brand new CATastrophes video is for you!

Trust me: it explains EVERYTHING.


Now you know!  What do your cats have stashed away under the stove for a rainy day?



PS: My friends at the ASPCA asked to me tell you about their photo contest! To help bring attention to cats during this month (because it’s adopt a cat month, though in fairness, I think all months should be adopt a cat month, but whatev), the ASPCA “is joining forces with Animal Planet and Jackson Galaxy to host a social media contest celebrating shelter cats. By sharing their cutest or silliest cat photos using the hashtag #MyRescueCat and signing an adoption pledge, folks will be entered for the chance to have their photo featured on the My Cat From Hell season finale June 13. Cat lovers can enter the contest at” [Verbage sourced from ASPCA]

I know you have cute photos, so go enter, and celebrate adoption month!  Entries must be in by June 12th, so hurry!


The Laziest Christmas Tree Ever and A Giveaway Winner

Today, I have a photo for you.

Louie and the tree. This is how lazy the FODs are this year.

Louie and the tree. This is how lazy the FODs are this year.

This is what they’ve done for a Christmas tree this year. I blame Louie. He takes up a lot of time and would probably climb a big tree. Also, he’s been here an awfully long time for a foster cat. I don’t get it….


Drumroll please! DDRDRUDHRHDRUDRHDRHDRHDRHDHRHDRdR….. the winner of the ASPCA Gift Basket Giveaway is (by


Layla, we’ll be in touch.



Tuesday Haikusday: Fur and a Film

Today, I want to talk about something we have and people don’t. That’s right: fur.  Eh hem…

Look at it. Look at my fur. It's festive for the holidays.

Look at it. Look at my fur. It’s festive for the holidays.

Soft, silky, short, sleek

Striped, gray, black, brown, mottled red

So many choices.


I am always warm

You pay for coats and mittens

It sucks to be you.


You want to touch it

I’m going to charge you for that

Me: entrepreneur.


There it is! What do you think of fur? How many colors are in your house?

Speaking of charging for pets, check out this new CATastrophes film featuring Peabody and the seemingly ever-present Louie.



PS. You have until tonight to leave a comment and be entered for the ASPCA gift basket giveaway. Get on it!