BREAKING NEWS: We’re In CatDance 2014!

You guys! We are officially able to announce that we are Finalists in CATDANCE 2014!!!


Oh man, I’ve been sitting on that announcement for three months and couldn’t wait to tell you. This will be our second time in the CatDance festival. Our first movie, Catalogue, went from there to the Internet Cat Video Festival, and it helped me launch this blog, and to do all the other things I’ve been doing to help homeless animals.

A scene from 'The Inheritance' with Rocky as "Greg"

A scene from ‘The Inheritance’ with Rocky as “Greg”

Best part? I co-star in the new film with a much bigger role than in my previous movie. Rocky, of course, is still the big star. It also features MomFOD (Alana Grelyak) and Kris Flanagan, both from Catalogue, as well as Theodore Hahn, and was directed by DadFOD (Michael Gabriele.) Niles and Mrs. Peabody are also in it, and there’s even a very small cameo from Doodle, but you have to watch all the way to the end to find her. And we have a band.

Me and MomFOD in a scene from "The Inheritance"

Me and MomFOD in a scene from “The Inheritance”

This is WAY bigger than last year’s festival because the winner gets $50,000! No, I did NOT miscount my zeros. That’s a lot of moolah, but in order to win it, we need the people’s vote! And we would love to have your support. Our movie is called The Inheritance and you can vote once each day. Every vote gives you a chance to win lots of prizes from Freshstep, so there’s something in it for you, too.  Voting starts Saturday the 18th at noon over here on the CatDance page.

One of "Greg's" many needs.

One of “Greg’s” many needs.

Therefore, dear readers, I ask for your support. Please, vote for “The Inheritance.” 

And don’t forget to check out our new web series CATastrophes, launching the 22nd of January! Every film will feature a rescue and spotlight topics in adoption.


Crepes, reporting from Park City, Utah.

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SUNDAY SPECIAL: “The Wolf” – a short film

Dear Peeps (that’s you guys),

As you know, I come from a family of filmmakers. I wanted to share a video that my FODs made.  It’s called “The Wolf” and it’s based on Little Red Ridinghood, and all the characters are played by my brothers and sisters! And it’s scary! They’re such good actors, I actually thought my sister was eating my sister. Oh! I don’t want to give too much away, so I won’t say anymore. Just make sure you don’t watch it in the dark alone. HORROR!

The music is Rachmaninoff’s Etude Tableaux Op. 39, No 6., a piece that was inspired by the Red Ridinghood story, and is performed by my mom FOD!  Click here to watch!  (Don’t worry, it’s family friendly.)

Scenes from "The Wolf" starring my brothers and sisters

My sister Peabody as “The Wolf”




PS! The Freshstep peeps have decided to wait until this week to announce the winner of the Catdance film festival. I don’t know where we stand in votes, but we’re NUMBER 1 on YouTube out of all 17 festival films. So please, stop by YouTube and give Catalogue a thumbs up to keep it that way! Thank you 🙂  

Talking About Special Needs with WGN’s Steve Dale!

So, I’ve mentioned that I’m a special needs cat, right? Meaning, I’m missing my back right foot. My mom and dad adopted me through the foster program at Tree House! They took me and my sister and brother in for a few weeks after we were found living in an old factory out in the cold. Tree House found homes for my brother and sister and I stayed here! My mom and dad took great care of me and helped me learn how to walk, hugging me every time I bumped my stump and got an ouchie. I really appreciate that they didn’t overlook me because I’m missing something. I’d like to think they don’t notice, really, but sometimes when I’m running away my dad yells, “Wait! You’re missing a leg!” I think he’s just kidding, though.

Anyway, my mom and dad are super proud supporters of Tree House and my mom was able to talk about it with WGN’s Steve Dale! He had her on as a guest on his Petcast show and she talked for ten minutes about me, Catalogue the movie, and Tree House. It’s pretty great. You can listen to it here!