Love Liaison


Are you ready to adopt a special needs pet? Do you need help getting started?

Then contact me, Crepes: Love Liaison, and I will help point you in the right direction. Fill out a few questions and email them to me at If, in my normal searchings, I happen to find a pet that matches your request, I’ll send you a note on where to find him/her! You and the shelter can then take it from there.

1) Where do you live?

2) What type of special needs animal are you looking for? (blind, deaf, paraplegic, FIV, etc.)

3) Do you have any other animals living in your house?

4) Do you have any young children living with you?

5) What age do you prefer? (kitten, adult, senior)

6) Are you concerned about healthcare costs for your new pet?

7) How far are you willing to travel to pick up your new pet?


[Please Note: This is not a full pet-search service and is not meant to replace your own research, nor is it meant as a substitute for larger online pet search sites. I am only here to make suggestions in the event that I know of an animal that might have otherwise slipped through a crack in your search. I cannot assist you in the adoption of the animal, nor can I assist in any adoption fees. That is between you and the rescue organization where the animal is housed, and you must abide by their rules in order to complete the adoption. Consider me like a friend who might have an insider tip.]

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