Diapers for Dogs and Cats: A Pet Parents®Review

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Dear Readers,

Today, I, Pinkle (also known as Sprinkle), am here to discuss with you a rather heavy topic. You see, there comes a time in some cats’ lives where they need a little extra help. Such a time has come upon my oldest brother Niles. He has, shall we say, been dropping the water balloons where he ought not to be doing so. Pet Parents® noticed our last post about living with a 19 year old cat and approached us about trying out a product to help curb Niles’ urge to, shall we say, leak information about his whereabouts. It seems he’s especially fond of the office carpet, under the piano, and directly in front of the litter box. Alana decided to take them up on the suggestion and accepted – I’ll just come out and say it – Diapers.

Niles has diapers.

I’ll give you a moment to absorb.

Louie absorbing the info, much like a diaper.

Alana discussed the idea with me, as she does all of her ideas, and we, as a team, decided that it would be worth a try. Now, Pet Parents offers diapers that come in sets of three for both cats and dogs, in a variety of colors. They also come in the same package, so don’t be alarmed if you order “Cat” and get “Dog.” They have assured me they are the same product.

pet parents brand dog diapers

“Dog” Diapers. It’s ok. “Cats” aren’t feeling left out, or anything.

I decided that we needed to get some statement diapers to go along with Niles’ dark complexion, and so we ordered the Princess Pack.

pet parents brand diapers

The Princess Colors

Sure, we could have gone with Black or Natural, but where’s the fun in that? And now, let us begin our review:

The Plan: Niles doesn’t ALWAYS pee on the floor, so we decided he wouldn’t always have to wear the diapers. His main M.O. is to pee when Alana is in another room at home, so he will be wearing the diapers at those times.

The Implementation: It was a little hard to get the diapers on Niles and took a team of two (I stepped back so as not to get accidentally wet) but, once they were on, Niles went with the flow. He was able to walk around with them without incident. He napped in them, ate in them, and generally had no mobility problems while wearing them. He did not, however, pee in them. However, he also didn’t pee on the floor, so that’s a win.

Some Concerns: We had a few concerns that the company addressed for us. Here they are, with a response from Pet Parents®:

Q: Have you had any reports of cats refusing to pee BECAUSE they are wearing the diaper?

A: Some pets are hesitant to pee in the diapers, especially if they aren’t used to them quite yet! It can take some getting used to. But to answer your question straight-forward, no, we have not had any reports of this issue from our customers.

Q:  Are there any concerns with cats that they would hold it for overly long periods of time while wearing the diapers?

A: We haven’t heard any negative feedback from our customers on having issues with cats not holding it in for too long, so it has not been a concern – but just like with anything new, it’s important to observe and pay attention to how your pet is reacting to the new adjustment.

Q: Do you recommend any kind of acclimation period of a few minutes a day to get them used to them before leaving them on all day?

A:  It depends on the pet and their initial reaction to the diaper. No one knows their fur-baby better than the owner so just watch their reaction and maybe slowly introduce them to the diaper, if needed.

Q: Are there any safety issues reported with a pet wearing it while you’re not around?
A: We have not had any reported problems of our diapers being a safety hazard as a lot of customers use them specifically for when they are not at home!

Q: What if Niles has to poop?

A: Our diapers are used for fecal situations, as well.

Ah, yes. “Fecal situations.” Use your imaginations for that one, readers.

The Verdict: So far, Niles hasn’t peed in the diapers. It’s a bit hard to get them on him because, while he’s 19, he leaps away like a frightened gazelle when he sees them coming. I, however, am excellent with costuming so you’ll notice I stepped in to assist for a photo op. I will help Alana any time I can.

Me stepping in as the Model du Jour.

Niles isn’t wearing them all day, but they do offer Alana peace of mind for her floors and carpets. However, she wonders (I can read her mind, we are that close) if perhaps, since Niles wees in specific places, would floor pads such as the Pet Parents Pee Pads be a better option for him?

Who are these for: These would be ideal for a cat or dog who is incontinent and leaking without his own knowledge. These would also work for dogs in heat (please spay your dogs, thanks) or who pee from excitement.

Tips: Make sure you get the right size! Measure your dog or cat first. This is imperative to ensure a fabulous fit.

Pros: The Diapers are washable (unlike our carpets) and are super convenient.

Cons: The shame.

Niles refusing to make eye contact.

Do we recommend them? 

Yes! We, do! These diapers are awesome to have on hand for cats (or dogs) who are having incontinence or spraying issues, or if they’re in heat (because their owners are having spaying issues.) They’re really well made, soft, and easy to maintain. We’re super happy to be able to recommend them, especially because it means there are now MORE OPTIONS FOR GETTING SPECIAL NEEDS PETS WITH LITTER BOX ISSUES INTO HOMES, and that is DEFINITELY something we can get behind.

You can visit Pet Parents® online and order cat diapers here. Let us know your thoughts and leave any questions you might have for the company below. We’ll be happy to pass them on.



For the prince(ess) in your life.

The Groomer Next Door Podcast And CATastrophes Donation to Kitty Bungalow

Good day, Everyone!


Pinkle reporting live from Alana.

It is me, Pinkle. I am here to let you know that my favorite person in the whole world (Alana – if you didn’t already know) was featured on The Groomer Next Door podcast!  She talked about herself, and the web series, and her career, and our generous project that is donating 20% of all YouTube proceeds from January 1, 2018 through June 30th, 2018 to Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats in Los Angeles.  That’s right, the more you watch Alana (and me, as the Purrminator), the more the kittens earn. I mean, I know I play the shows on repeat all day long while I’m at home doing my thesis research on Alana. I find that it stimulates my Alana research skills. I challenge you to do the same. Well, I mean, watch the videos, but please don’t steal my thesis topic. It’s my life’s work. Anyway, did you know that three millions of the five million views on  “My Cat Charges Me For Toilet Paper” are from me? True.

Anyway, here are the de-tails of the podcast, c/o Chris Green, the Groomer Himself:


An all new episode of The Groomer Next Door Podcast is available with our guest Alana Grelyak. Alana is multi talented and has a great YouTube show called CATastrophes. Alana will be donating 20% of any YouTube proceeds to Kitty Bungalow-Charm School for Wayward Cats. If Netflix is looking for a new show to Green Light it’s definitely this one. 

or YouTube!


You have your choice of iTunes or Google Play or YouTube. So fancy!

Did you notice that call out to Netflix? Imagine a full-length Purrminator show. You guys, I want that. For Alana, of course (but also a bit for me because I love that leather jacket.)

Enjoy the show!

Best Regards,

Pinkle, B.A. M.A. (Bachelor of Alana, Master of Alana)


P.S. Check out the cool little animation below created by Mr. Green himself.

Pet Health Insurance: Figo vs Pets Best and a Referral

You guys!

I think MomFOD is up to something. She took out a policy, on each of us. It covers “accidents.” I’m concerned. Send help.

– Mrs. Peabody

Alright, let’s stop right there. Mrs. P, you are correct, to an extent. Yes, I did take out a policy on each of you. And yes, it does cover “accidents,” but those are real accidents, like if you slip off the back of the toilet and sprain your little tortie paw. Or if Louie, in all of his brazen clumsiness, tries to follow Pinkle up into her nook and crashes back down to the earth on a day where I am not there to catch him. I decided that, with six pets, it was time to stop playing the odds game and minimize some risk in my life. I decided to get health insurance for all of you.

If you, reader, are considering getting health insurance for your pets, perhaps I can answer a few questions for you. In my case, I have six animals, ages 2 through 18. One of them is going to malfunction, there’s just no way around the odds. For the longest time, I thought it was going to be too expensive to insure everyone. I contemplated not insuring Niles at age 18, thinking he might even be rejected by the companies, but after some in-depth research, I found a solution to my needs. (Also, my heart just wouldn’t let me exclude him. He’s still good!)

Niles. Still good.

I have managed to insure all of my lovies for approximately $80 a month. It’s more than my cell phone bill but less than my heat in the winter. Running the numbers, yes I could save $80 a month for pet emergencies (and I do, as a matter of course) but after one year, that will only amount to $1,000, which could be wiped out with one swift poke in the eye (The Epic Battle of Niles and Rocky, 2013.) 

The solution for me was to find not one but TWO insurance companies, one that my research told me was best for insuring younger cats (PetsBest) and another that was cheapest for insuring older pets with no age limit (Figo.) I also only chose from companies that were consistently rated in the top 10 and came recommended by my vet. I also got complete quotes from roughly six companies. After much consideration, I have my three youngest with PetsBest and my three oldest with Figo. Here is my impression thus far of both of them:

Ease of sign up: Pets Best, hands down. They do not require any health check ups in order to sign up or file for services if illness or accident occurs. Figo requires your pet have had an checkup within the last 12 months OR whatever your next claim is will be considered a pre-existing condition. Not ideal, especially when you have three healthy cats whose 12-month checkups were 12-months and 3 weeks ago.

Payment: Pets Best, again, paws down. They allowed me to choose from monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment options. There is a $2 fee per payment, so you can save $24 per year by paying annually.

Figo did NOT have a smooth payment system. I was allowed either monthly or annually, nothing in between. In addition, they charge each pet as a separate charge, so they wanted a $2 fee PER PET per month to use a credit card, which meant I had to give them my bank account information. If their rates hadn’t been so low, I might have reconsidered based on that alone.

Use in emergencies: Figo wins here. They claim that if your pet REQUIRES a life-saving, emergency treatment, they will waive the deductible and co-pay. I hope to never have to test this.

Waiting period:  Tie. Both companies have a 14-day waiting period for illnesses and 5-day for accidents. Accidents caused by human cruelty are not covered by either, and we certainly hope that no one would ever, ever do that.

Pre-Existing Conditions: Neither will cover these. In fact, no pet insurance company covers these and likely won’t unless Obama steps in again, cod willing. If your pet already has a health record with a pre-existing illness on it, it will not be covered going further.

Best for young cats: Pets Best. I was able to insure three cats under age 4 for about $10 per month with a $1000 deductible and 90% coverage.

Best for older pets, including dogs: Figo. I was able to insure three pets, ages 12 through 18, for roughly $15 each per month with a $1000 deductible and 70% coverage.

Yes, my deductibles are high. I decided that, in order to strategically minimize risk, I would put aside a $1000 emergency fund and have the insurance to cover between 70%-90% of anything above that. If someone swallows a sock, it won’t bankrupt me and I won’t have to skimp on care for the loves of my life.

YOU may only have one pet and want something more substantial for coverage. These and other companies will include exam fees and even wellness care, but I didn’t find that to be cost-effective in my case. If you want a full package with a $200 deductible per year and high coverage co-insurance, it’ll probably run you somewhere around $40 per pet per month for a middle-aged pet. Each company has different rates.

Let me know if you have questions and feel free to post your experience with pet health insurance in the comments!

And, if you are interested in Pets Best, they gave me a referral code and said I was free to post it on my blog. If you decide to sign up, we’d be pleased and grateful if you would use our code. It’ll get us a $25 Amazon gift card so I can afford to bubble wrap everything in the house to keep Louie from having to use the insurance.




**FTC DISCLAIMER:  This is not a sponsored post. I was given no financial compensation and these opinions are my own. If you use the referral link and sign up for a policy with Pets Best, I will get a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.**