The Crepes Case: The Vimtag Camera and the Case of the Litterbox Leaver

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Furry Jury:

It was a dark and snowy night when MomFOD sat down on the couch to discover that someone had fouled it in the most foul of ways. You know what I mean. Someone in this house peed on the couch.

::moment of silence for shocked reactions::
In a house of cats, this is tres gauche and could be due to health or behavioral problems. It is not to be taken lightly, and so, I call upon myself, Detective Crepes, to accept this case in the name of justice. This now falls under the jurisdiction of The Crepes Case!
Crepes Case

Justice must be served.

The Crime Scene: The couch. Under the piano. Under the TV. This culprit clearly has no shame and could strike anywhere.

The Equipment:AVimtag Plug and Play camera with two-way audio, motion alerts, and night vision. That means I can even LISTEN to the culprit peeing. Pretty swanky, no?


There it is. My newest piece of sleuthing equipment.

The Surveillance: It seems the culprit has several places s/he might strike next. In order to set up effective surveillance, I positioned a VimTag camera near the litter box and set up motion detection alarms to let me know when anyone is in the area. My plan is to surveil the box, making sure that each of the possible suspects is using it daily. I set the camera to take a motion photograph each time a presence was detected in the box. Let’s take a look at the evidence collected.
Sprinkle: present and clearly knowing she's being watched.

Sprinkle: present and clearly knowing she’s being watched.

Niles doing his business.

Niles doing his business.


That's me.  Look away, please.

That’s me. Look away, please.

Louie and his tail.

Louie and his tail.

The Verdict: Everyone is using the box except…Peabody. That’s probably because I won’t let her. I really don’t like her touching my things. Case closed!
Alana’s Verdict:  Alana here. I’d like to chime in and say that the reason Peabody is not using the litter box is because Crepes is smacking her every time Peabody sets foot on the floor. With the help of the Vimtag Camera, I am able to monitor everyone’s litter box habits while I’m away from the house. I have it set up to ping my phone and alert me whenever anyone is using it. If I need to change positions, I can move the camera remotely or even pick the entire thing up and plug it in somewhere else easily. It sets itself up automatically on my Wi-Fi system and is ready to go in about a minute.
.e..  .
Honestly, I have LOVED having a tool like this to check in on my house while I’m away. It’s amazing for travel and I can even talk to them, listen in, and chat with their caregiver while I’m away in order to help her find food, litter, and even hiding kitties. And, if a kitty is about to foul a forbidden area, I can speak through the camera to discourage such behavior. It is easy for me to figure out who is performing which nefarious behavior and gives me peace of mind whenever I need to keep an eye on a little one that’s under the weather. We give the Vimtag Wireless Camera two stumps up!
If you’d like more detailed information about the Vimtag, check out our earlier post here. The VimTag retails for $99.99 for one camera or $189.99 for a set of two. You can set up as many as eight on your home network. If you are interested in checking one out, you can do so here.  (This link will take you to an Amazon page. We do not get any compensation for purchases made through this link.)
I am currently assisting Peabody and Crepes through their issues and Peabody’s litter box habits are improving. Updated: We do have more than one litter box, but the one we watched is the one Peabody almost always uses because it’s where she hangs out all day. Crepes has been spotting smacking her no matter where she goes. I have been doing assisted litter box sessions with Peabody, which have really helped. No accidents since. Next, we work on the underlying behavior.


A bonus photo of Niles attempting to block my view of whatever's going on in that room!

Niles attempting to block my view of whatever’s going on in that room! Obstruction of Justice!

The Crepes Case: The DeLorean Incident

You guys!  Today, I have for you no ordinary case. This is a case of drama, a case of danger, a case of Legos. Actually, it was a box of legos. DadFOD built it into a DeLorean but then, on January 1, 2015, the very day we entered the year of Back to the Future Part II, this happened:


The scene of the crash. Exhibit 1: the flipped DeLorean.

Was it a sign? I leapt into action and got my hat. This was about to become


There we go.

It’s business time.

Picture it: Sicily, 1947. Marty McFly was there, on the shores at the toe of the boot when suddenly, his DeLorean started hurtling toward the future, towards 2015, and he couldn’t stop it.

"Oh, Sh&t." - Marty McFly.

“Oh, Sh*t.” – Marty McFly.

In a flash of light, Marty appeared on top of the fridge in the little apartment in Chicago. No sooner had he landed in his time machine when, seemingly from nowhere, a beast from amongst the local fauna arrived and batted his time machine down to the floor!

The shocked DadFOD.

The shocked DadFOD, unwilling victim of a heinous crime.

Pieces scattered everywhere. I laid out the grid and exhibit notes and got to work.

Snuffing for clues.

Snuffing for clues. I located a bolt from the flux capacitor. It was so small, I almost inhaled it. 

THE SUSPECTS: Based on the trajectory of the fall and the location of the car, I narrowed down my suspects list. Doodle wasn’t home, so she was off the list. It fell from the top of the fridge, which nixed me since I can’t get up that high. Niles isn’t interested in Legos, which left me three suspects.

Louie, aka "The Loser."

Louie, aka “The Lou-ser.”

Sprinkle, a known jumper with a taste for smashing stuff.

Sprinkle, a known jumper with a taste for smashing stuff.

Peabody, the cat with a penchant for heights.

Peabody, the cat with a penchant for heights.

I knocked Louie off the list. He’s got the vertical skills of a skunk stuck in super glue.

And then, suddenly, it came to me. Suspects always return to the scene of the crime! I reviewed my evidence, and I found this:



The Verdict: SPRINKLE! Also, I’m pretty sure Peabody was an accomplice. I have no particular evidence for that, but I’d love to see her get in trouble. Anyway, I have reported my findings to the authorities.




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Kitty Bungalow’s CATbaret! (and More Rocky Sleuthing)

You guys!

It’s that time of year again! My friends at Kitty Bungalow’s Charm School for Wayward Cats is doing their annual CATbaret, a star-studded event for the kittens, and we want you to know about it and possibly even win some tickets!


You can expect Lil BUB and Mike as special guests. You’ll also get a chance to see the very special performance of Nora the cat and her jazz band, as composed by MomFOD! There might even be a little film snippet of the FODs’ in there somewhere.

When is this?

August 9, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA at the Belasco Theatre!

Here’s the official statement:

Whether you’re a cat lover or a theater lover, come out for an unforgettable night of sensational singers and dazzling dancers hosted by funnyman Fred Willard! The one night only spectacular features the hidden talents of your favorite celebrities from Castle, CSI, Lord of the Rings, So You Think You Can Dance and many more! Don’t miss out on meeting the celebrities and walking the red carpet as VIP guests for the night. Enter below to WIN!

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We hope you’ll get over there and join the celebration!  To learn more about Kitty Bungalow and the awesome work they do for feral kittens, visit 


Now, I’ve done a little more sleuthing about Rocky, as promised, and look what I’ve found using my super secret phone bug:


There he is again! And this time, he’s not on the bed. Instead, he’s being forced to learn how to properly tuck the corners of a bed spread. Is this some kind of learning camp? If only the phone had GPS that I could tap into to somehow find out his location so we could get him out of there!




**Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored. We are posting for charity. Readers have a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Los Angeles CATbaret event from a pool of the readers of other blogs, as well.**