Diapers for Dogs and Cats: A Pet Parents®Review

FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pet Parents®. We were given a sample product as well as financial compensation to review it. All opinions are our own and we only write about products we think our readers should know about. CatInTheFridge.com does not receive any financial compensation from the sales of these products nor are we compensated if you click through to the company’s links.

Dear Readers,

Today, I, Pinkle (also known as Sprinkle), am here to discuss with you a rather heavy topic. You see, there comes a time in some cats’ lives where they need a little extra help. Such a time has come upon my oldest brother Niles. He has, shall we say, been dropping the water balloons where he ought not to be doing so. Pet Parents® noticed our last post about living with a 19 year old cat and approached us about trying out a product to help curb Niles’ urge to, shall we say, leak information about his whereabouts. It seems he’s especially fond of the office carpet, under the piano, and directly in front of the litter box. Alana decided to take them up on the suggestion and accepted – I’ll just come out and say it – Diapers.

Niles has diapers.

I’ll give you a moment to absorb.

Louie absorbing the info, much like a diaper.

Alana discussed the idea with me, as she does all of her ideas, and we, as a team, decided that it would be worth a try. Now, Pet Parents offers diapers that come in sets of three for both cats and dogs, in a variety of colors. They also come in the same package, so don’t be alarmed if you order “Cat” and get “Dog.” They have assured me they are the same product.

pet parents brand dog diapers

“Dog” Diapers. It’s ok. “Cats” aren’t feeling left out, or anything.

I decided that we needed to get some statement diapers to go along with Niles’ dark complexion, and so we ordered the Princess Pack.

pet parents brand diapers

The Princess Colors

Sure, we could have gone with Black or Natural, but where’s the fun in that? And now, let us begin our review:

The Plan: Niles doesn’t ALWAYS pee on the floor, so we decided he wouldn’t always have to wear the diapers. His main M.O. is to pee when Alana is in another room at home, so he will be wearing the diapers at those times.

The Implementation: It was a little hard to get the diapers on Niles and took a team of two (I stepped back so as not to get accidentally wet) but, once they were on, Niles went with the flow. He was able to walk around with them without incident. He napped in them, ate in them, and generally had no mobility problems while wearing them. He did not, however, pee in them. However, he also didn’t pee on the floor, so that’s a win.

Some Concerns: We had a few concerns that the company addressed for us. Here they are, with a response from Pet Parents®:

Q: Have you had any reports of cats refusing to pee BECAUSE they are wearing the diaper?

A: Some pets are hesitant to pee in the diapers, especially if they aren’t used to them quite yet! It can take some getting used to. But to answer your question straight-forward, no, we have not had any reports of this issue from our customers.

Q:  Are there any concerns with cats that they would hold it for overly long periods of time while wearing the diapers?

A: We haven’t heard any negative feedback from our customers on having issues with cats not holding it in for too long, so it has not been a concern – but just like with anything new, it’s important to observe and pay attention to how your pet is reacting to the new adjustment.

Q: Do you recommend any kind of acclimation period of a few minutes a day to get them used to them before leaving them on all day?

A:  It depends on the pet and their initial reaction to the diaper. No one knows their fur-baby better than the owner so just watch their reaction and maybe slowly introduce them to the diaper, if needed.

Q: Are there any safety issues reported with a pet wearing it while you’re not around?
A: We have not had any reported problems of our diapers being a safety hazard as a lot of customers use them specifically for when they are not at home!

Q: What if Niles has to poop?

A: Our diapers are used for fecal situations, as well.

Ah, yes. “Fecal situations.” Use your imaginations for that one, readers.

The Verdict: So far, Niles hasn’t peed in the diapers. It’s a bit hard to get them on him because, while he’s 19, he leaps away like a frightened gazelle when he sees them coming. I, however, am excellent with costuming so you’ll notice I stepped in to assist for a photo op. I will help Alana any time I can.

Me stepping in as the Model du Jour.

Niles isn’t wearing them all day, but they do offer Alana peace of mind for her floors and carpets. However, she wonders (I can read her mind, we are that close) if perhaps, since Niles wees in specific places, would floor pads such as the Pet Parents Pee Pads be a better option for him?

Who are these for: These would be ideal for a cat or dog who is incontinent and leaking without his own knowledge. These would also work for dogs in heat (please spay your dogs, thanks) or who pee from excitement.

Tips: Make sure you get the right size! Measure your dog or cat first. This is imperative to ensure a fabulous fit.

Pros: The Diapers are washable (unlike our carpets) and are super convenient.

Cons: The shame.

Niles refusing to make eye contact.

Do we recommend them? 

Yes! We, do! These diapers are awesome to have on hand for cats (or dogs) who are having incontinence or spraying issues, or if they’re in heat (because their owners are having spaying issues.) They’re really well made, soft, and easy to maintain. We’re super happy to be able to recommend them, especially because it means there are now MORE OPTIONS FOR GETTING SPECIAL NEEDS PETS WITH LITTER BOX ISSUES INTO HOMES, and that is DEFINITELY something we can get behind.

You can visit Pet Parents® online and order cat diapers here. Let us know your thoughts and leave any questions you might have for the company below. We’ll be happy to pass them on.



For the prince(ess) in your life.

The Crepes Case: The Vimtag Camera and the Case of the Litterbox Leaver

FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Vimtag. We were given a camera as well as financial compensation to review this product. All opinions are our own and we only write about products we think our readers should know about. CatInTheFridge.com does not receive any financial compensation from the sales of these cameras. 


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Furry Jury:

It was a dark and snowy night when MomFOD sat down on the couch to discover that someone had fouled it in the most foul of ways. You know what I mean. Someone in this house peed on the couch.

::moment of silence for shocked reactions::
In a house of cats, this is tres gauche and could be due to health or behavioral problems. It is not to be taken lightly, and so, I call upon myself, Detective Crepes, to accept this case in the name of justice. This now falls under the jurisdiction of The Crepes Case!
Crepes Case

Justice must be served.

The Crime Scene: The couch. Under the piano. Under the TV. This culprit clearly has no shame and could strike anywhere.

The Equipment:AVimtag Plug and Play camera with two-way audio, motion alerts, and night vision. That means I can even LISTEN to the culprit peeing. Pretty swanky, no?


There it is. My newest piece of sleuthing equipment.

The Surveillance: It seems the culprit has several places s/he might strike next. In order to set up effective surveillance, I positioned a VimTag camera near the litter box and set up motion detection alarms to let me know when anyone is in the area. My plan is to surveil the box, making sure that each of the possible suspects is using it daily. I set the camera to take a motion photograph each time a presence was detected in the box. Let’s take a look at the evidence collected.
Sprinkle: present and clearly knowing she's being watched.

Sprinkle: present and clearly knowing she’s being watched.

Niles doing his business.

Niles doing his business.


That's me.  Look away, please.

That’s me. Look away, please.

Louie and his tail.

Louie and his tail.

The Verdict: Everyone is using the box except…Peabody. That’s probably because I won’t let her. I really don’t like her touching my things. Case closed!
Alana’s Verdict:  Alana here. I’d like to chime in and say that the reason Peabody is not using the litter box is because Crepes is smacking her every time Peabody sets foot on the floor. With the help of the Vimtag Camera, I am able to monitor everyone’s litter box habits while I’m away from the house. I have it set up to ping my phone and alert me whenever anyone is using it. If I need to change positions, I can move the camera remotely or even pick the entire thing up and plug it in somewhere else easily. It sets itself up automatically on my Wi-Fi system and is ready to go in about a minute.
.e..  .
Honestly, I have LOVED having a tool like this to check in on my house while I’m away. It’s amazing for travel and I can even talk to them, listen in, and chat with their caregiver while I’m away in order to help her find food, litter, and even hiding kitties. And, if a kitty is about to foul a forbidden area, I can speak through the camera to discourage such behavior. It is easy for me to figure out who is performing which nefarious behavior and gives me peace of mind whenever I need to keep an eye on a little one that’s under the weather. We give the Vimtag Wireless Camera two stumps up!
If you’d like more detailed information about the Vimtag, check out our earlier post here. The VimTag retails for $99.99 for one camera or $189.99 for a set of two. You can set up as many as eight on your home network. If you are interested in checking one out, you can do so here.  (This link will take you to an Amazon page. We do not get any compensation for purchases made through this link.)
I am currently assisting Peabody and Crepes through their issues and Peabody’s litter box habits are improving. Updated: We do have more than one litter box, but the one we watched is the one Peabody almost always uses because it’s where she hangs out all day. Crepes has been spotting smacking her no matter where she goes. I have been doing assisted litter box sessions with Peabody, which have really helped. No accidents since. Next, we work on the underlying behavior.


A bonus photo of Niles attempting to block my view of whatever's going on in that room!

Niles attempting to block my view of whatever’s going on in that room! Obstruction of Justice!

The Hatch: A New Way To Comfort Your Pet While You Travel

Ahoy, Readers!

Today, I’d like to bring you the opportunity to learn about a product that will have excellent benefits for those with special needs pets or just regular old run of the mill pets who have all four legs, all their eyes, functional organs, etc. etc.  Today, we learn about the Hatch!

The Hatch.

The Hatch.

Now, I’m not usually one to tout the merits of a product that doesn’t yet exist, but a very kind letter was written to me by a one Jon Mirsky stating that he loved my blog (thank you), is passionate about special needs pets (good), and is hoping to launch a revolutionary new carrier that will help pets feel calmer and safer during travel. This is where he mentioned the Hatch, a carrier that will allow you to reach in and touch your pet without worrying that your friend is going to escape. Need to give a pill? Open the hatch! Want to offer a calming eyebrow rub to your kitty? Open the hatch! Need to let visiting alien ambassadors onto your ship’s deck? Open the hatch! Actually, that last one probably isn’t a feature of this particular Hatch, but you can still say it. No one will fault you.

Junior, the inspiration behind the Hatch.

Junior, the inspiration behind the Hatch.

The Hatch was a product that Jon came up with while traveling with his buddy Junior, who found his carrier unsettling and distressing. Jonathan wanted to create something that would allow a person to offer comfort and physical touch to their pet without worrying about escape or hassling with difficult snaps and zippers. And so, the Hatch was, um, hatched. It has a visual safety feature on it to show you if the hatch is indeed open and your pet is accessible to you or if it is closed and your pet is safely tucked inside with no escape possible (and I use the word “escape” in the nicest possible way.) The carrier itself is also made of “military grade ballistic nylon,” which sounds so manly and dangerous. Claws (or stumps) find it impregnable, impenetrable, and impervious to snags. Outstanding. It even has seat belt straps and packs flat for when you just want to stash it under your bed.

Sound good to you? Then now is your chance to jump on the Kickstarter to get some perks before this bad boy is released to the public. You’ll get to help fund a neat product that will offer some nice features for special needs (or normal needs) pets and get some discounts and other snazzy donor glitter, as well.

The Hatch in action.

The Hatch in action.

I wonder if my stump would fit through that Hatch…



FTC Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Hatch and we were paid a small fee for our time to prepare it. We only bring you items that we think are relevant to our readers’ interests and all opinions are our own.