Bachelorette of the Week: Ember!

Dear World,

Please meet Ember. Careful now, she’s hot and spicy and may very well burn her impression of love right into your soul. Not your carpet, though. She’s totally carpet and upholstery safe.

Look at that smolder!

Look at that smolder!

Ember’s story is a harrowing tale of the type no one wants to hear. She found a forever home once and was abandoned in an apartment with a bowl of Cheerios. I mean, I like Cheerios, too, but that’s just not right. She entered Tree House and found another home, but due to major health issues, her owner had to return her. And then, it happened again. In fact, it’s happened four times. And now, for the fifth time, Ember seeks a brazier of her own where she can light a fire in someone’s heart.

Given all this abandonment, Ember went from an easy-going, highly huggable cat to one that requires a bit of patience and understanding when approached. She’s not a huge fan of other cats, because they like to get in her space and she needs that space to practice her interpretive dance moves. In fact, she’s been given the gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics for her “mouse and ribbon” routine. Impressive.

There’s even a counselor I know at Tree House who happens to have a crush on Ember and made this little love video to her.

If you or someone you know would like to meet Ember, contact Tree House today! She’s there, smoldering.



The moment of concentration before she begins her interpretive dance.

The moment of concentration before she begins her interpretive dance.

Wondering if her fifth home will finally be the one.

Wondering if her fifth home will finally be the one.

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Tripawds Amputation for Dogs and Cats Hotline

You guys.

This is a bit of a heavy one for you today. I wanted to let you know about a resource that my friends at Tripawds have come up with to help pet parents who are struggling with the possibility of having to amputate one of their pet’s limbs.

It’s a sad fact that, sometimes, pets get cancer. Sometimes they are born with physical defects. Occasionally, they injure themselves beyond repair. In all cases, amputation is one way to relieve your pet’s discomfort. I also personally like to think I look like a badass because of my stump.  When faced with these decisions, pet parents feel stress, fear, worry, and often have very few resources or people to turn to for comfort. That’s where Tripawds steps in, no pun intended.


There it is in all it’s glory.


Already well known for their excellent website where pet parents can gather together for online support, Tripawds has now started a toll-free Tripawds Pals Helpline where those of you who are struggling with the decision to amputate can talk to someone who knows, cares, and understands. And maybe also has an accent. I love talking to people with British accents. Anyway, while these people are not veterinarians and cannot give you specific medical advice, they can talk you through your decision and give you a perspective you may not otherwise have had.


If you’d like to give them a call, dial 844-TRIPAWD  (844-874-7293).


844-TRIPAWD  (844-874-7293)

Tell them Crepes sent you.





Bachelor of the Week: Jeremiah!

Today, citizens of Crepes town (please see last week’s post that alerted you that you had been annexed), we have a one-(wo)man cat who is seeking that very special someone!

He’s nine years old, he has dental disease, he is JEREMIAH!

Jeremiah pondering the various types of biscuits that he'd like to make for you.

Jeremiah pondering the various types of biscuits that he’d like to make for you.

This giant cuddle bear was found out on the streets near Bucktown in Chicago. He was taken to the clinic at Tree House where they discovered that his dental health was less than perfect. In his defense, it’s really hard to find toothpaste out on the streets. I’ve been there. Anyway, while they were examining him, he insisted on making biscuits for everyone. I don’t know about you, but a cat that makes fresh biscuits is surely a catch! Also, he purrs. A lot.

Jeremiah occasionally over-grooms his coat, which leads to a few sores here and there on his giant mancat personage. This may be due to some allergies, which haven’t been nailed down just yet.

Jeremiah would love to find a person with: no cats, biscuit supplies, who loves purrs, is sensitive to his allergy needs, and wants to hug.

Is that you?! Do you know someone that fits that description? Then send them over to Tree House to meet Jeremiah! Hurry! The biscuits are getting cold! (But don’t worry, he’ll make more.)


"Can I hug you?" -Jeremiah.

“Can I hug you?” -Jeremiah.

"I haz dentals, they say."  - Jeremiah.

“I haz dentals, they say.” – Jeremiah.




PS. We are pleased to announce that we have been chosen as a finalist for BEST CAT BLOG in theBlogPaws Nose to Nose awards this year. HURRAY!!

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