Tuesday Haikusday: The Weather

Today, Dear Readers, I would like to wax poetic on the rather fickle nature of the recent weather. Eh hem…

Crepes Haiku Zen Cat

Snow. Wind. Sun. Rain. Dry.

Don’t know how to dress myself.

So I remain. Nude.


Gentle, then raging.

Were I like this weather is

on meds I would be.


Will it snow? or Shine?

Who knows what tomorrow holds?

Naps. Certainly naps.

How’s the weather treating all of you this week?

Tell me what haiku you’d like to hear next time.



Tuesday Haikusday: Napping

Good day, astute Readers.

I am glad you have returned for another installation of “Tuesday Haikusday.” Please join me as I wax poetic about “napping,” as suggested in a previous post by reader Sammy of One Spoiled Cat.

zen garden rock crepes 2016

Eh hem…

Soft pillow holds me
Molded to my body’s shape
While I nap so hard.
In the dark I lie
Yet in my sleep, I’m truthful
Who can blame me now?
A timeless, classic,
Ancient way to pass the time.
Sleep waits for no one.
What do you want to hear about next time?
PS. Kitten season is coming.


Meowsterpiece Monday: The Purrminator Celebrates Valentine’s Day

You Guys!

I have for you today a brand new episode of the CATastrophes Web Series featuring The Purrminator as he tries to negotiate the customs behind Valentine’s Day.



What do you think?

Do you have any questions for the Purrminator?