The Groomer Next Door Podcast And CATastrophes Donation to Kitty Bungalow

Good day, Everyone!


Pinkle reporting live from Alana.

It is me, Pinkle. I am here to let you know that my favorite person in the whole world (Alana – if you didn’t already know) was featured on The Groomer Next Door podcast!  She talked about herself, and the web series, and her career, and our generous project that is donating 20% of all YouTube proceeds from January 1, 2018 through June 30th, 2018 to Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats in Los Angeles.  That’s right, the more you watch Alana (and me, as the Purrminator), the more the kittens earn. I mean, I know I play the shows on repeat all day long while I’m at home doing my thesis research on Alana. I find that it stimulates my Alana research skills. I challenge you to do the same. Well, I mean, watch the videos, but please don’t steal my thesis topic. It’s my life’s work. Anyway, did you know that three millions of the five million views on  “My Cat Charges Me For Toilet Paper” are from me? True.

Anyway, here are the de-tails of the podcast, c/o Chris Green, the Groomer Himself:


An all new episode of The Groomer Next Door Podcast is available with our guest Alana Grelyak. Alana is multi talented and has a great YouTube show called CATastrophes. Alana will be donating 20% of any YouTube proceeds to Kitty Bungalow-Charm School for Wayward Cats. If Netflix is looking for a new show to Green Light it’s definitely this one. 

or YouTube!


You have your choice of iTunes or Google Play or YouTube. So fancy!

Did you notice that call out to Netflix? Imagine a full-length Purrminator show. You guys, I want that. For Alana, of course (but also a bit for me because I love that leather jacket.)

Enjoy the show!

Best Regards,

Pinkle, B.A. M.A. (Bachelor of Alana, Master of Alana)


P.S. Check out the cool little animation below created by Mr. Green himself.

Meowsterpiece Monday: Catalogue Revisited

Hear ye hear ye!

In celebration of reaching 15,000 subscribers and winning the golden kitty award, we have decided to bring our first ever video back to our own channel. It is with great fanfare that we have remastered, recolored, re-audiodesigned (that wasn’t a word until right now) our very first film, the movie that inspired this blog and brought me to my levels of fame, the movie that put Rocky’s face in front of millions of people, the one, the only:


Catalogue Order Page

Rocky stars in his first successful film as “Felsjat Brown”

Watch it here:

Enjoy it anew or for the first time. It can be enjoyed in so many ways!

For more of our web series, visit 


Crepes, the Cat In The Fridge.


CATastrophes Meets!

You guys!!!

Remember when I said I had epic news? Well, check it out! Drum roll please…… (DUHHd Rduhdhrhrhrdhhrhhdhdhrhdhdrdrdrdrdr)


CATastrophes Web Series has been chosen as a new show on! We will now be featured alongside the likes of Jackson Galaxy, Lil BUB, Cole the Black Cat, Big Cat Diaries, and others! We have made it a long way since our very first cat video called “Catalogue,” and are now so pleased to have a wider audience with which to share our videos and adoptable cats.


If you’re not familiar with Animalist, it is, in their own words, “an online network that explores the connection between humans and animals. From the exotic to the domestic and the cute to the weird, Animalist covers the whole animal kingdom with as its hub – from breaking animal news stories and funny animal sketches to must-see cat videos…lots and lots of cat videos.”

Alana and Kris doing their thing.

Alana and Kris doing their thing.

Here’s our latest video called “ChronoCATastrophe” featuring Lil BUB as “Wellington, the time traveling cat.”


In lieu of an acting fee, BUB accepted a donation from us to her Lil BUB’s Big Fund with the ASPCA, which supports special needs pets! So generous!

Please share, and if you haven’t, subscribe to our channel for new weekly content. You can even set your email to alert you every time we have a new video, which will be every Monday from now on!

Thanks, everyone, for your awesome support. We couldn’t be where we are today without all of you! I’ll be happy to sign an autograph should you see me in person. My stump is covered in ink from practicing, but it’s totally worth it.



**Disclaimer: We were not compensated for this post. **

A sneak peek of an upcoming episode!

A sneak peek of an upcoming episode!