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Update: MomFOD and Crepes don’t live together anymore.  She and the DadFOD don’t live together anymore, either, and Crepes went with him. The blog will continue as the work of Alana and Pinkle, sidekicks for life.

HI, EVERYONE! My name is Crepes, but I’m better known as the Cat In The Fridge from that movie “Catalogue” that you’ve seen on YouTube. This is my blog. I started this blog originally because my FODs had their hearts set on using some of the money from the Catdance festival to sponsor surgeries for special needs cats like me. When it became clear that we probably weren’t going to win the money, I convinced them to keep this blog going as an outlet for helping special needs kitties get adopted and for profiling special needs rescues. This way, they could help, no matter what. I also like to talk about my fabulous life, things I like, and sometimes things I don’t like. I like to keep peeps entertained while doing my good deeds.

Here’s what else you should know about me: I know how to spell, I don’t overuse the word “HAZ,” I can’t eat cheeseburgers (lactose), and I’m missing a foot. I was adopted at Tree House Humane in Chicago, a place that my FODs are big supporters of. They do great things for special needs cats, and for everyday normal cats, too! My FODs fostered me, my brother, and sister when we needed an emergency shelter. And then they kept me. I prefer to think of it as a “try before you buy” special and not a foster fail. We special needs cats can do anything, so don’t overlook us! Oh, and I have herpes. Whoops!

Me and my mom FOD.

Me and MomFOD.

About MomFOD:

Alana Grelyak has been a pet lover since the day she was born and has been mother to rats, hamsters, mice, birds, and fish (both marine and freshwater) and is currently mom to four cats, one dog, and a fish named Francis.  She has worked as a volunteer at the Dane County Humane Society, Tree House Humane Society, and the Shedd Aquarium. Alana is very passionate about nutrition, both for herself and her pets.

Although her Master’s Degree is actually in music, Alana has been a writer for many years, and her work has been published in Time Out Chicago, CMA Today, Lumino Magazine, Laughspin, and various other publications. She is now the Editor in Chief of CatInTheFridge.com, where she advocates for animals that some might see as less adoptable but that she sees as very, very special. She is also the primary script writer for the CATastrophes web series, where funny things happen when cats appear. She lives in Chicago, IL and is currently the Manager of Marketing and Community Relations for Tree House Humane Society. 


Together, MomFOD and I have accomplished a lot in the last two years. I’ve been keeping a list that you can read here!

Why Special Needs?

Many animal lovers have never considered the possibility of adopting a special needs pet. First, there isn’t very much awareness brought to the topic, although this is slowly changing. Second, many people who are aware of special needs animals are concerned about the extra care that might be involved and shy away from that. In fact, many special needs pets, such as blind pets, three-legged pets, etc. don’t require very much extra care at all and are, in fact, one of a kind in a way that a normal animal isn’t. In a world where animal groups are fighting hard to end euthanasia, it is imperative to make people understand that animals who aren’t perfect on the outside are still perfect on the inside, and shouldn’t be overlooked. If people understand the value of these pets, it will help in the overall push to create a humane, euthanasia-free future.

If you’d like to adopt special needs, check out my list of Bachelor/ettes! Many of them still need homes and one of them could be your perfect match!

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  1. crepes…yur garden ROCKS !!! trooly… N we wood like ta see a non burd ree lated poem …sum thin bout say….mackeral…..

    oh, N sinz we iz all wayz 17 days late N 18 centz short….we wanted ta say tree house ROCKS two; we just now lurned thatz wear ewe used ta chill….they bee a trooly awesum shelter…we wuz honored ta get R pic sures in last yeerz calendar ….grids…but still pretty saweet….N this yeer boomer made honorable menshun !!

    hay, haza grate twoozday

  2. I think ladycats with special needs should be honored by the public with daily feedings of fresh Albacore, sardines, shrimp, and crab cakes. A few curtsies and verbal adorations would be a nice addition too.

    *I say this with full sincerity and the fact that I am a ladycat with special needs had absolutely no bearing on my opinion displayed above. Not to say my human should EVER refrain from serving me in this manner- if she wants to sleep with both eyes closed she will not shy away from doing so that is. o.O

  3. Crepes, you were adopted from Tree House!? When were you there (or not, being a foster failure)? I worked and volunteered there for a number of years, I wonder if our paths crossed at some point.

    • Hi Katie! Well, I actually didn’t live at Tree House. I was part of a TNR project that a lovely lady named Rosa was helping with. The neighbors took me to another shelter that was going to euthanize me (AHH!) but Rosa came and took me and my sister and brother back. She kept us for a few days and then we went directly to foster with momFOD and dadFOD. They kept us until Tree House had room, but when it was time to bring us in, my FODs adopted me instead. My sister and brother went in, though, and were adopted very quickly! (giving them up was one of the hardest things momFOD had to do, but she couldn’t keep all of us since there were already three others) So I’ve actually never spent a night at Tree House, even though they saved me. This was in 2011. Thanks for helping Tree House! 😉 – Crepes.

      • You were there or not there, just after I left. Glad to hear you and your siblings had a wonderful angel is Rosa! It is hard to foster, I fostered a few kittens that I trapped myself. Taking them in to Tree House was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But I knew they would be in great hands with Tree House!

  4. Another great place is Felines & Canines on the north side of Chicago. They helped us place a kitten recently & it is sure hard to take them in – even though it is to get a good home. We are supporters of Tree House also & of Triple R Pets (they helped us TNR our group of 13) We got 5 of our feral kitties adopted out! (ok we kept one, but he was still “adopted out”! Love the work you are doing Crepes!

  5. Tillie Tabs says “No stumps here!” because she had the entire leg removed, but Rami (pronounced Rah’mee) has a stump that she waves like a magic wand when she’s in the litterbox or trying to shoo away a bothersome housemate (it unfortunately doesn’t work but since she is also missing an eye and has very little vision in the remaining eye she doesn’t notice and we’re not telling) and she says “Stumps up!” for both of them. Keep up the great work helping other special pets find homes.

    • Oh, thanks!! I just saw this now. Sorry for the delay! I wave my stump like a wand, too! And I have a magic carpet. Oh.. if me and Rami got together it would be like Hogwarts!!! – Crepes.

      • Awww, I never saw your reply to this old comment before now. Sadly, Rami is now waving her magic wand OTRB, but I do like the image of the two of you together in a kitty Hogwarts; that makes me smile. -Cat

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