The Coronavirus for People: Preparing Your Pets and Yourselves

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This is a pretty surreal time. Usually, it’s cats who are getting coronavirus, which sometimes turns into the FIP, a deadly respiratory disease. And here we are, as people, getting our own version. We have a chance to stop it now and, in order to do that, we have to take it seriously.

I want to pass on some information that I have found that has been useful and up front:

Joe Rogan speaks with Michael Osterholm, a noted infection disease expert:

This is informative and helpful.

The Medium has an article that’s really in-depth. The headline is a little sensational, but the info is sound.

Other than that, there are a few things that stand out to me:

  • stand at least SIX FEET away from the nearest person in case of coughing/sneezing
  • self-quarantine if you even suspect you are ill
  • elderberry is an excellent anti-viral, but it hasn’t been proven to stop the coronavirus. That said, we don’t have anything better at this time. Stores are out of stock mostly, but if you happen to have berries, here’s a recipe link.
  • Oregano Oil hasn’t been proven to stop coronavirus, but it is an anti-viral. Again, we have nothing better at this time, and stores are running out. I do not have a recipe for this one, but I’ve used it over and over to fight flu and other viruses and it works for those. I like to have it on hand regardless.
  • Stock up on pet food. If you have to stay inside, such as is happening in Italy, you do not want your little ones to go without. Many people’s favorite cat food comes from Italy and may be hard to get for awhile, so prepare an alternative, especially if your cat has food allergies.
  • Get a supply of any medications you or your pets need. For how long? I honestly don’t know, but a month is a good start.

Overall, don’t panic. We need to take steps, but we should not be panicking because panicking puts others, and ourselves, at risk. Protect yourself, take precautions, and remain calm. FIP is close to being cured. We just need some time to find a solution to the human coronavirus, too.

Stay well. Remember, this is happening to all of us as a team. Let’s support each other as much as we can.



The brand I prefer.

DISCLOSURE: I was not paid by anyone or any brand mentioned in this article. These thoughts are all my own and I am sharing personal suggestions. None of this is meant as medical advice.


  • Thank you for this, Alana. You are right … we are all in this together, and we will get through it. Stay safe, and stay healthy. XO

  • Funny enough, my human still has oil of oregano, from when you recommended it last time she was sick.

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