DIY Senior Cat Litter Box For Arthritis, Limited Mobility, & High Pee-ers

You guys!

I’ve been holding in this secret project for awhile (unlike my whiz which I’ve been unleashing freely in this fancy new project) and we’re finally ready to tell you about it!

You may know that Niles is now 20 years old. For the last 2 years, he’s been, shall we say, “relieving himself” all over the house. Oddly enough, his favorite place to pee was ON the human toilet.

Alana ruled out medical issues and figured he’d just given up until one day she watched him closely and noticed he was having some serious trouble squatting. The litter box he was in was too small for his hips to comfortably fit. She immediately got him an under-the-bed storage container, which fit his needs really well. Unfortunately, Pinkle is a high-peer and there was pee all over the walls, followed by pee pads all over the walls, followed by cussing and spraying and wiping, which was all rather unsightly.

We have finally found a solution.

It cost about $30 and took about 2 hours of time. Ready? Here it is:

large litter box with lid on it
Ta da.

Ta da.

We went to the hardware store and asked for the largest storage tub they had. They brought us a 50 gallon so we said, “take that back and bring us the second largest storage tub you have.”

Take that back and bring us the second largest storage tub you have!

And here’s how we did it:

Step 1: Cut a hole in that box. We used a drill to make small holes and then a jig saw to cut a large door. We made it 5 inches from the floor to hold in the sand but low enough so Niles can enter easily. We left the top edge so we can use the lid if we want.

Step 2: Put your junk in that box. Sand the edges. Leave nothing jagged for your kitties to get caught on. We did this by hand.

Step 3: Put your cat in that box.

cat in a large litterbox
It’s my cat in a box.
jagged edges and sand paper
Prior to sanding. The plastic was jagged and needed a good rubbing. Like my belly.
grey cat in a large litter box
Louie lost in the vast desert of sand that is now his toilet.

And that’s it! It works for all the cats in the house: the arthritic, the high-peer (sometimes she pees out the door so we still use pee pads, but it’s better than on the walls), cats who pee in pairs. (This has happened. It’s large enough to fit two or three and Pinkle and Pants have used it. Together. Gross.)

Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!



PS. Never assume your cat is peeing outside the box for no reason at all. There’s ALWAYS a reason.


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