UPDATED: Delia is Safe But Could I Do More and 30 Cats Rescued from Oklahoma

Well, I posted this morning about a doggie that I wanted to help. I spent most of my weekend trying to figure out how to help her and decided that, if I couldn’t find a rescue who would take her, I’d step up and foster her myself, with my tenant, as a household.

Then I got an email this morning stating she was safe; a rescue is taking her, and asking me to take down the blog post. So I have. But it gets me to thinking: how many of us put our money where our mouths are, so to speak? How many people love animals but don’t want to inconvenience their lives in order to save them? I know most readers of this blog do just that; you put them before yourself. I guess I do, too, every day.

And I hope that more people begin to do that. I guess not even just for fostering, but for life in general. What would be better for animals, the world, the environment, even our own health if we made more efforts to do the things that are right?

I guess I’m just thinking out loud right now. I’m glad Delia is safe. And through this, I learned something about myself.

And since you came here to read something, I’ll refer you to this: http://treehouseanimalsblog.org/tree-house-takes-in-30-oklahoma-storm-cats/

That’s what I had the privilege to do last week. Have I mentioned I love my new job?



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  • I’m glad Delia is safe. I know I can only speak for myself and say I wish I could foster, but with the current situation with my own cats, that isn’t feasible. So I do other things to help the animals, like volunteering at my local shelter.

    ps. I saw what Tree House (and you!) did with the OK animals. Paws up to all of you!

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