Cat Vows To Wear Chicken Hat* -#ChickenHatProtest

UPDATE: LEONARDO PESCATORE HAS FOUND A HOME! As of July, 2019, he is happily on a couch.

You Guys,

Pinkle here. Today, I’m interviewing Mr. Leonard Pescatore. From what I understand, he has been in the shelter system for almost two years and therefore, he’s vowed to wear a chicken hat* until he finds a home. Let’s see what he has to say.

Mr. Pescatore during day 1 of his quiet protest

Pinkle: Welcome, Leonardo.

Leonardo: Thank you, Pinkle. It’s good to be here.

P: Tell me, Leo. What’s this protest you are staging today?

L: Well, it’s about finding a home. Tree House is great, but I’m searching for more permanent floors to sit on.

P: I prefer putting my ass on tables but I can understand your desire for your own floor. Continue.

L: I’ve been told I’m mildly less desirable to adopt.

P: Ah, it’s your face.

L: What’s wrong with my face?

P: Oh. No. It’s not your face. Sorry. Go on.

L: Well, I have what they call The FeLV, and I also have what they tell me is The FIV. My eye is a little runny, and I’m not big on too much touch, tho I am happy to sit beside you and get a good back scratch. And now, thanks to you, I also have some serious concerns about my face.

P: Your face is lovely. Very weathered. Like Clint Eastwood.

L: …

The face.

P: And where does the chicken hat come in?

L: I just needed a shtick.

P: And the asterisk? There’s an asterisk in your press release that says ” *for limited amounts of time and only at his own discretion.”

L: I can’t just wear the hat all the time. That would be ridiculous.

P: Isn’t that the point of a protest, tho?

L: What?

P: …nevermind. Anyway folks, Leonardo is searching. Find him in Colony 10 at Tree House Humane Society in Chicago. They’re doing great, cutting edge things for FeLV-positive cats, including some new guidelines on what kind of households can adopt them, so if you’re interested in meeting Leo, hurry over!

L: Yeah, hurry. I’m sick of wearing this chicken hat.

P: You’re not even wearing it.

L: Wasn’t once enough suffering?

P: You’ll be remembered by history.


PS Don’t forget Alana works at Tree House now, so she’s in the know! If you guys have any questions for her, comment below!


  • OMC, Leo, I hope you find a home soon – you made my human laugh uncontrollably, so I know the right home is definitely out there for you!

  • dood…..we think yur one handsum dood; N sew iz clint for that matter; N bout de hole felv fev tv vee L f thing; sum oh R best pals ever frum R catster dayz had a medz chart just like that N they had a for everz N lived good long livez….sendin best best fishes two ewe clint leo ♥♥

    now, bout that chckn hat ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🙂

  • Oh Leo – we hope you don’t have to wear that hat too long – not that you don’t look fine in it. We just want you to find your furever home !

  • Leo, Pinkle, this is Katie Isabella on Word Press stopped allowing me to use my own blogspot credentials over a year ago and I mist leave comments through my old old storage WP blog. But it’s me. Don’t worry about your face Leo. It’s handsome, and like you, full of orange goodness. I hope you don’t have to or choose to wear the chicken hat again; and I hope hope that your new mom or dad come through and fall in love with you today!

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