It’s Doodle!

Psst. You guys!  It’s me, Doodle. Crepes wasn’t around and so I wanted to let you all know that I want to write, too! I’m ready for it!

My name is Dixie, but my friends call me Doodle. I’m honest, I’m loyal to my readers, and I really love my mom! I hate strangers, though. They make me so mad.

This is me:


and This is me:

So clean!

Anyway, what would you like me to write about?  I’m ready to bring you the news from a doggie perspective!  The world is our oyster! I love the world, except when people come up the stairs knocking at my door. Oh I HATE knocking!






P.S. My friend Pinkle is running for Speedy cat. Please vote for her once per day. It’s super, duper easy! One click, that’s it! I’ll give you a virtual lick. A lick per click! Hurray!


Pinkle for Speedycat


  • Mom voted for Pinkle. So, Doodle, how is life when you are the only dog in Cat World? Where do you fit in with the Household Hierarchy? Does everybody play nice or is it a War Zone?

    • Well, you see, I handle all that! All of it! I am not really in the “hierarchy,” per se, but I do keep them in line! I sniff ALL their butts. Some are easier to sniff than others. Like, sometimes I have to duck, but I do it anyway. And then, when they fight, I bark and I get right in the middle! My fur is so fluff I can’t feel their claws. Unless they get me in the face. Then I growl and scare the poop right out of them! I am the peacekeeper, one might say. – Doodle.

      • Mom had a big black longhair female named Shadow who used to break up fights in spite of the fact that she was positively ancient and crippled…Shadow would jump between the offenders and then whap the crap out of the instigator…she could always figure out who the trouble-maker was… Her nickname was “The Enforcer”. She managed the entire household and the humans!

  • doodle……waves two ewe; ita grate ta see ya again….we haz knot seen ya sinz de shark week moovee….hope thiz findz ya doin soooper grate awesum lee good and pinkle; we VOTED !!!!!! 🙂 ♥♥♥ best fishez !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wait a minute, Dixie-Doodle, how can you blog when you hate strangers? You know, sometimes readers you don’t know come to the blog too. Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet!

    • Well, then, they need to meet me from the sidewalk of the neighbor or on neutral turf! Don’t be stepping up on my lawn! (It’s not a lawn, it’s a bunch of plants. Mom doesn’t believe in lawns. I pee on it anyway.) – Doodle.

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