May I Introduce… Mr. Pants!

You Guys!

It has been SO busy over here with all this modeling I’m doing. Like, seriously, photos from every angle. Anyway, I’ve managed to escape the lens for a bit to bring you another profile in cat. Now, this one was sort of a surprise cat. A traveler, if you will. A rebel.


You see, MomFOD had her heart set on getting a few barn cats for the barn at the new house. She did that. Long story short, one of them wandered into her kitchen and then into her heart. I keep telling her he’s only going to break it, but she won’t listen. Well, I’ll be there to tell her “I told you so” in due time. Until then, please welcome Mr. Pants!



Crepes: Welcome, Mr. Pants.

Pants: Ladies…

Crepes: Eh, it’s just me.

Pants: Everything I say, I say to all the ladies in the world, all the time.

Crepes: Ok, then… tell us about yourself, Mr. Pants.

Pants: My name is Señor Pantalones.  I am black, I am soft, and I want you to touch me because you will like it.

Crepes: I’m just gonna sit right here. Now, I hear you’re a working cat. Tell me more.

Pants: You know, I used to work, but I made my fortune early and now I have retired to the good life.

Crepes: Do you want to elaborate on that?

Pants: Not really. Work is something I do not like to discuss. I do, however, like to travel. Do you like to travel, Crepes?

Crepes: No. I hide under chairs anytime I have to leave the house.

Pants: Tell me about your fears, Crepes.

Crepes: This is not at all what I want to talk about.

Pants: Do you want to cuddle?

Crepes: Dear lord, no.

Pants: You know, there is really only one human lady for me. But, if there are any other cat ladies out there, please see me if you’d like to have a cuddle.

Crepes: You know, you keep talking to the ladies but some of our readers are men. Is there anything you want to say to them?

Pants: Yes. I may have been neutered, but I still have more balls than you.

Crepes: Okee dokee.


And that’s Mr. Pants!  An enigma with a Spanish accent who apparently really likes to cuddle and only likes MomFOD. Any questions for Mr. Pants?

“The secret to looking bigger is to keep the bush small.” – S. P.
A taste of the indoors.





  • I have a question for Mr. Pants. Does MomFOD ever try to kiss the white spot on your tummy? And if she does, do you like it or do you try to rip off her face?

    • You know, it would be inappropriate to try to make the lady uncomfortable. If she wants to kiss me, I want to accept. – Senor Pantalones.

  • Binga wants to know if he actually speaks Spanish, but don’t listen to her because her grasp of the language is loaded with four-letter slang.

  • dood !!!!! itz final lee nice ta meet ewe in purrson…we haz hurd lotz a bout ewe but never saw ya like in de cat til just now; we gotta say ewe iz one handsum houz panther….ewe iz feerce dood…when ewe iz chillaxin out o doorz on yur chair… due ewe like one glass ore two ther in thoz cup holderz……beverage oh choize…..curry uz catz wanna noe….oh, N due ewe still haza pass a port ? 🙂 ♥♥

    • Always two drinks. One for me, and one for the lady who might want to join me. As of now, my passport has been revoked. Alana seems to think I should put a hold on my travels. Perhaps she doesn’t trust me. Perhaps she doesn’t trust my heart. She should. It belongs to her. – S.P.

  • Mr. Pants, you certainly are a cheeky cat. We are delighted to meet you, and will be interested in hearing more from you in the future! We suspect that you are going to be quite entertaining. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

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