Today We Meet Niles!

Hello, Readers.


Today, we meet Mr. Niles Chesterfield of Cambridge. London. (He insisted I add that. He’s from Wisconsin. He’s not fooling anyone.) Niles is the senior member of the Grelyak household. Having been adopted from a no-kill rescue somewhere about the turn of the century, (this latest one, not the previous one), Niles has been with MomFOD throughout her college years and all the years beyond. He’ll be celebrating his 18th birthday this year and is still chugging along like a champ. Let’s hear what he has to say!

Niles today. (Well, yesterday, or recently enough, anyway.)


Crepes: How’s the weather today, Niles?

Niles: What feather?

Crepes: No, the weather!

Niles: Back in Ott 9, I recall a rather beautiful feather. It tickled my fancy, one might say.

Crepes: Right… So, tell us about yourself?

Niles: I have a fabulous shelf. High up on the wall, built by my Alana herself. Quite a good show she put on, really.

Crepes: I see.

Niles: So can I! Hearing’s not so good these days, though.

Crepes: You don’t say.

Niles: It’s Tuesday.

Crepes: I quit.


Anyway, there you have it! Dear Old Niles, the 17, almost 18, year old black cat with the scruffy fur and a love of cuddling. He would like to represent the senior constituency of our readers.

Niles, at age fifteen and a half.


Lookin to the future!





12 thoughts on “Today We Meet Niles!

  1. dood…two day ore yesterday ore even two morrow next week past twoozday; ya iz still one total lee awesum houz panther….how HAZ ya been buddy…grate ta see ya again….keep chuggin….like a champ, knot beerz….tho may bee…….

    N we hope ewe haz an eazee urr time oh gettin social secatity then dude ore boomer did ~~~~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaa

    🙂 ♥♥

  2. Niles it’s nice to meet you! Eighteen is a mighty ripe old age. I had hoped my brother Angel Sammy would live that long but alas he was needed at the Bridge. Here’s to you my friend – many more happy years ahead we hope!

    Hugs, Teddy

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