And Our First Contestant Is….Mrs P.!

Dear Readers,

Let’s get started with the action of meeting all the new members of my growing editorial team!

May I present to you (Because MomFOD said I had to) the never-industrious, always languishing, not particularly illustrious Mrs. P. Sylvia Peabody! (Insert applause here- or don’t. Whatever.)   You may remember Mrs P. from my previous posts. She’s the tortie. Anyway, that’s it for Mrs P! Thanks for stopping by-

Editor’s Note: This article has been re-edited by your editor to actually bring you information about Mrs. Peabody, despite the protests and demonstrations of a jealous Crepes. 

Mrs. P. Sylvia Peabody is, indeed, a tortie. Found within a group of tiny torties circa 2006, Mrs. P and her siblings were being tormented by some children with sticks. A kind neighbor scooped them up and, with my help, found homes for several, including Mrs. P.  After many years of being a happy-go-lucky little tortie (of the pleasant variety rather than the sassy ilk), Mrs. Peabody lost her best buddy Rocky to cancer. Since then, Mrs. P. has suffered from numerous bouts of IBD, developed an allergy to fish products, and now has anxiety issues that are alleviated with fluoxetine, the generic version of Prozac.  She’s a sweet, loving girl who enjoys the odd butt slap. Let’s have Mrs. P say a few things herself:


Hello, everyone. I love naps. And I love the window perch. I also love my mom. I really love to eat. Gosh, food is great. I like fish, too! But it makes me poop and then I have to run away from it and hide under a chair. I love purring and meowing, too. I HATE thunder! Also, I fancy myself to be a spicy girl who occasionally likes a spanking. And I love boxes! Remember that time I stole Crepes’ underwear?



She was MAD. It was great! Talk to you all soon!




Alright, Peabody. Well, perhaps we’ll put you in charge of reviews or…something.

We’ll be hearing from some more of our candidates this week!

Leave any questions you may have for Mrs. P in the comments!



Alana and Crepes.


Mrs P and Doodle, circa 2006.
Payback, circa 2008.







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