Bachelor of the Week: Apple Pie! – ADOPTED!

UPDATE 3/28/16:  This great guy was adopted, along with another special needs kitty. Hurray!!!

Today I have a treat for you!  I realize it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but please remember that Pi Day was earlier this week. And so, I bring you a lovely slice of Apple Pie.


Have you ever seen an apple pie with this lovely of a face, or really, with any face at all? Highly unlikely. This particular pie was not made in a cozy bakery. NO! This pie is from the street. He’s a street pie. But don’t let that concern you. It hasn’t diminished his quality at all! He’s just an All-American slice of pie, hold the eyelids. But again, what pie have you ever seen with eyelids? Probably none.

Apple Pie has  eyelid agenesis trichiasis, which means he requires artificial tears several times a day to stop his little lashes from rubbing on the surface of his eyes. There are a few different options to treat this, such as removing his eyelashes (will require period visits to the vet) or getting his eyelids repaired. He doesn’t yet have the funds needed for a distinct course of treatment, so he’s going with the eye drops for now. It’s like drizzling a bit of caramel sauce on your pie – it just makes him all the more lovely.

Apple Pie’s appearance here today was a request from our friends at As The World Purrs in conjunction with Great Plains SPCA Merriam. To learn more about Apple Pie, visit his website!  He’s still a tiny little guy who loves to play and would love to meet you! Please share his little pie face and help him find his home!

Pie checking out the world. Or pooping. Not sure which.
Pie checking out the world. Or pooping. Not sure which.
Pie in a hole.
Pie in a hole.
Apple Pie and his buddy "A La Mode" (I don't actually know who that is.)
Apple Pie and his buddy “A La Mode” (I don’t actually know who that is.)

It’s been a slice!




UPDATE: I’ve received word that a kind doctor has agreed to do the eyelid surgery pro bono for Apple Pie!  That means all he needs is a home! Step one complete! HURRAY!!!!


  • Hi Crepes..

    I stopped in for Tuesday Haiku but you appear to be MIA! I am going to be bold and do a Guest know like Joan Rivers filling in for Johnny here goes:

    Haiku Day
    But not today
    I wait and wait
    For Crepes to wax
    Poetically that is..not Brazilian-ish
    But where is Crepes?
    Maybe she is getting a Brazilian!

    We are Haiku-less

    Pixie xxooxx

  • Apple Pie is super sweet too!!! He jumps right into your lap and starts to purr the second he meets you. All us volunteers are madly in love with him. He’s going to make some lucky adopter very, very happy. He does that to everyone he meets! We are so grateful to the doctor who will do his surgery and also to you for sharing his story to help him find his forever people!

    • Apple P is dreamy! and so happy about the surgery! Do the KC Royals know about Apple Pie? They are champions like AP !


  • Apple Pie is so cute! Paws up for the doctor doing that eyelid surgery pro bono!

  • dood….de best oh trout two ewe…coz itz st patz day, that ya findz yur pot
    oh gold, yur for everz home N yur foreverz peepul, who will adopt ewe N ala mode two gether…how kewl wood THAT be !!!

  • I’ll get to sharing him today. Our vet performed 3 surgeries on a cat with same condition to repair his eyelids and it was successful. Is there a fund raiser for him?

  • Bless his heart…..I’m sure if not for those drops he would not be comfy with that condition bless him. I hope he will be lucky enough on St. Patrick’s Day to find the RIGHT forever home that can help him be the very best he can be always and forever….he’s precious.

    Love, Sammy and Mom Pam
    Happy St. Pat’s!

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