Tuesday Haikusday: The Weather

Today, Dear Readers, I would like to wax poetic on the rather fickle nature of the recent weather. Eh hem…

Crepes Haiku Zen Cat

Snow. Wind. Sun. Rain. Dry.

Don’t know how to dress myself.

So I remain. Nude.


Gentle, then raging.

Were I like this weather is

on meds I would be.


Will it snow? or Shine?

Who knows what tomorrow holds?

Naps. Certainly naps.

How’s the weather treating all of you this week?

Tell me what haiku you’d like to hear next time.




  • I have been away with with a campaign
    Working through snow, sleet, sun and rain
    Sometimes so tired I don’t know where I should turn
    But it is all okay cuz I am feeling the Bern

    Thinking of Crepes..unclothed and nude
    Her sweet haikus..her catitude
    Crepes..spring is near..so please don’t fret
    The sun will shine on that you can bet
    The Cubs will play..the Sox will too
    whatever the weather remember Crepes..I luv you!


  • bossee will lay down
    cows can pree dict de weatherz
    watch em in ther feeldz

    wear a rain bonnet
    they due knot knead a rain coat
    just an umbrella

    de sun shinez brite lee
    cowz, ewe due knot noe jack $**t
    itz knot gonna rain

  • Love your haiku, Crepes. Mom is going to try again–but watch out–it is morning and she doesn’t do those…
    What she really needs is another nap.

    Whether weather is
    Sunny, cold, rain or snowing.
    Surely it will change.

    Storms are on the way.
    Winds will howl but I will not.
    Pointless to complain.

    I don’t really care.
    On the window sill I stay.
    Warm, dry, come what may.

      • Thank you, Alana. They are fun to write–and at my age (65)–I have to try to find at least two brain cells to rub together and this really helps to keep them ricocheting around in there! Crepes doesn’t want to say anything because she is a predator and prey species. She cannot allow herself to show vulnerability. After all, if she gave the nod to humans, we might not remain the diligent cat slaves that we are and that would cause the collapse of Cat World Domination–and Heaven forbid if that calamity could be traced back to Crepes! She, of course, would admit to nothing.–Laurie aka FuzzMother

  • Beautifully done, Crepes. At least naps are definitely something that kitties can always count on!

  • How about a haiku with an Irish twist for St. Patty’s Day??? We think the weather is bipolar too. What’s with that? Two days of 60s and snow in forecast Thursday. It gives me a headache just thinking about it.

    Hugs, Sammy

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