Tuesday Haikusday: Love

Last week I asked for suggestions on what to write about this week and two readers: Deb and CatWisdom101 – suggested love or Valentine’s Day. And I realized that I had forgotten it was this week. And then I realized that I had forgotten to run a Valentine’s Day date contest. And then I thought “So what?” because I am Zen and that is ok.

zen garden rock crepes 2016

And so, I give you: Haiku about Love. Eh hem…

Hey there, Kitty Cat

I love to love you, baby.

Purr purr, meow meow, hiss.


Bathing, grooming, tongue

Helps me learn to love myself

I am one with fur.


Valentine’s Day is

A day to celebrate love

Me, You, Us, We, All.



9 thoughts on “Tuesday Haikusday: Love

  1. heartz day oh love sux
    thatz why we iz bach a lorz
    N then therz dai$y

    her loves me me me
    her soundz like an opera
    mi mi mi mi mi ♫♪♪♫♫

    we due knot get cardz
    pluz we canna eat candee
    heartz day oh love sux


    onlee good thing iz
    that itz gram paw dude’s birth day
    sew thatz knot two bad

  2. My love is furry.
    Snuggled beside me in bed.
    Purring and content.

    Sneaky feet approach.
    Sharp little teeth bite my chin.
    No skin is broken.

    Plastered on my head.
    How in this Hell can I sleep?
    Might as well give up.

Stumps up? Stumps down? What are your thoughts?